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Ms. Julie Worthington To All Instructors

Julie has been homeschooling for 12 years and graduated from the College of St Catherine in St Paul, MN with a degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Communication and Interaction Disorders. After several years working in early childhood development as a preschool teacher and trainer for childcare professionals and parents, Julie was moved to start working with older students. Due to a love of literature, the first class for older students that Julie taught was a book club class. She had fun making books come to life with her students through discussion and lots of hands on activities. Since then, in addition to continuing book club she has taught classes such as strategy games and led middle schoolers in a group dynamics program. She has a passion for meeting students where they are and working with them to find strategies that work with each individual’s learning style.

Julie is excited to begin working with WEST in her first year as a tutor here.

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