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Ms. Victoria Pyron To All Instructors

Victoria believes in helping students discover hidden potential in themselves and in giving them the support and encouragement necessary to develop a strong voice, in both speaking and writing. 

She believes that a deep understanding of rhetoric-- and how people use it in our society-- is necessary to effectively interpret the many, differing messages thrown at young students today, that they may not be easily persuaded. Her goal is that each student leaves Rhetoric having a voice of his or her own, being aware of the power of language, and being able to engage in meaningful dialogue about what he or she believes is true, right, and beautiful, without being easily swayed. 

Victoria received her BA in English Literature and English Writing from North Central University, and she was given a full-time fellowship for her Master of Arts in English Literature at St. Thomas University.

When she grows up, she wants to be a few too many "-ist"s (theorist, philologist, linguist, psychologist, etc.), and a few too many "-er"s (writer, thinker, teacher, speaker, etc.), but right now she is focusing on learning to be an authentically deep Christian, wife, and friend.

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