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Mr. Josiah Okamoto To All Instructors

Josiah’s passion for people and for development have been the basis for his work in missions over the last 6 years. The ability to see ones’ eyes opened as they experience life through different lenses is what he truly loves about worldview. Living cross-culturally and multi-lingually have brought new perspectives about life and God in ways that were never before seen.

While during high school Josiah’s goal was to always attend college and initially study sports medicine, however, God had a different calling. At the age of 19 he joined the mission field full time after spending a year interning at his church and 6 months in Central America. This all led to a new found love of teaching, discipleship, and a new understanding of God’s kingdom and culture.

Josiah is newly wedded to a beautiful bride with whom he has no children but a rambunctious golden retriever/husky mix. He is very excited to transition into this role of teaching at West as well as transitioning back to living in the United States. He’s very passionate about not solely teaching what to think, or of the mindset of the Kingdom of God, but how to think and to create the ability to stimulate one’s own thoughts.

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