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Ms. Mariah Wilder To All Instructors

In 2006 I started my own photography business while I was taking photography courses from Hennepin Technical College in Eden Prairie. My particular area of expertise is portraiture with digital DSLR cameras in ambient lighting conditions, but my training goes beyond that. In addition to my own freelance work, I have been a wedding photographer with Wilson Aesthetics LLC since 2011. My experience includes engagements, weddings, maternity, newborns, family portraits, senior portraits, photojournalism and conceptual photography. Please feel free to check out my online portfolio at mariahjoyphotography.com. For nearly my entire educational career I was homeschooled, along with my older sister and younger brother. I loved it! I am really blessed to have had such a rich and positive experience. This is one reason why I have a strong desire to support other parents and their children in this amazing journey of homeschooling. I now have a BS in Urban Studies from Northwestern College, St. Paul. When I first picked up a camera, it was like discovering the language of my heart! The role of photography in my life has been a channel for glorifying God by being the artist He has designed me to be. It has also developed beyond self-expression – to an instrument of loving others and helping them to see themselves the way God sees them, and to see the world the way God sees it. It is a huge desire of mine to provide a healthy environment and the resources necessary for students to discover their talents and passions, and to explore photography to see if it is one of them. In addition to photography, in my spare time I enjoy bicycling, camping, writing poetry and research articles, playing cards and board games with my family, thrifting, being by the ocean, experiencing a good thunderstorm, travelling, and learning about other cultures.

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