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Mrs. Linda Kaye Williams To All Instructors

This is my seventh year teaching at WEST and it is my pleasure to explore physical science. In addition to Physical Science, in the past I have taught Chemistry for WEST and Mathematics at The University of Saint Thomas. I like science and students. It is exciting to work with the minds of the future. I have previously taught polymer chemistry to high school students and was Chair of the 3M Science Training Encouragement Program, which was designed to introduce students to science and technology in industrial settings. I have also taught mathematics at The University of Michigan.

In industry, I worked as a Research Chemist and Process Engineer for 3M and IBM. I hold six patents in thermal dye technology. I have a B.S. in Biochemistry and a M.S. in Macromolecular Science and Engineering from The University of Michigan. Continuing education includes graduate coursework in polymer chemistry, engineering, polymer processing, and industrial chemistry.

I am blessed to have a husband and two high energy, intelligent children that have helped us optimize “hands on learning.” We made volcanoes after eating thanksgiving dinner. Thank God for gravy and science.

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