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Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is based on 6 premises:

  1. Treatment of other people (fellow students, tutors and staff) must always be respectful.
  2. This facility and all property will not be abused.
  3. Each student is responsible for attending class as WEST is an open campus
  4. Each student is responsible for his/her own personal possessions.
  5. Each student is accountable for his/her own actions.
  6. Each student’s dress and actions should encourage others to Godliness.

Except where noted, the consequences for each category will fall under the General Infractions Procedure.


Students should:

  1. Arrive no earlier than 8:20a.m. for the first class session unless received special permission.
  2. Go immediately to their class and wait quietly for class to begin.


  1. Water is allowed in the classrooms.
  2. Other beverages are allowed during the lunch hour.

Bodily Contact

Our goal is to keep all students free from physical harassment of any kind. Therefore:

No P.D.A.s (No inappropriate Physical Displays of Affection)
No inappropriate, sexual touch is acceptable
Rough housing, wrestling (including arm wrestling), lifting, punching, kicking, bumping, tickling, etc. are prohibited.

Cell Phones/Technology

Cell Phones, iPods of all types may not be used during classes.

iPads, laptops used for notetaking/educational purposes may be used with tutor approval.

Classroom Expectations

Each tutor has the responsibility and authority to set behavioral expectations in order to maintain an educational setting that provides for effective learning without inappropriate disruption. In these individual settings, each student is to comply with each tutor’s requirements with the understanding that there will be variances between classes.

Students are expected to attend class. If absent, students/parents are asked to communicate with tutor/CA. WEST is an open campus and therefore, students and parents hold responsibility for attendance on class days.


  1. Final pickup time is 4:30 p.m. Thank you for your promptness.
  2. Anyone still remaining on-site after this time will be charged $15.00. This reimburses our on-site administrator for overtime.

Dress Code

Upper body:

  1. No spaghetti strap tank tops or strapless shirts
  2. Tops and bottoms must overlap so midriff skin is not exposed, even when sitting or raising arms.
  3. Girls must wear bras; no straps showing.
  4. Necklines should not be revealing.
  5. Hats are not to be worn indoors.

Provision for infractions:

Students will be offered an XL t-shirt by the on-site administrator that they will need to wear. This will make it possible for students to still attend class. Consequence for not wearing t-shirt when requested by on-site administrator: Student may not attend class.

Lower body:

1. All lower body apparel must be no higher than the end of your finger tips at your side or longer.
2. No underwear showing. (This includes but is not limited to boxers.)
3. No rips or tears in clothing exposing skin above the knees.

General Expectations

As a Christian organization, WEST is committed to respect the position of the the Church of the Open Door, whose facility we are renting, and not to engage in any activities or promote any teachings that would bring scandal to the Church.

WEST is an open campus and therefore, students and parents hold responsibility for attendance on class days.

Lunch Time Expectations

  1. Good stewardship: Students will clean up messes, throw away trash/containers in appropriate receptacles, wash/load dirty dishes used and accept responsibility for their own personal possessions (bags, bottles, utensils, etc.)
  2. Tables should be wiped clean of any crumbs or liquid. Cleaner and cloths will be provided.
  3. Food allergies may be present at WEST. In an effort to help reduce any reactions, leave items containing peanuts at home.
  4. WEST is an open campus.  Students are free to eat lunch in the WEST building or off campus at another establishment.


  1. MP3 Players, iPods,phones, etc. with headphones/earbuds are permitted in non-classroom areas as long as the volume is low enough so no one else can hear it.
  2. Playing of musical instruments is not allowed in the building unless in music class or permission from Director.

Parking Lots

Don’t sit in cars in the parking lots without adult supervision. 

See Parking Instructions under About WEST for further parking details please


No pets are allowed.

Physical Surroundings

This includes treating our physical surroundings (tables, chairs, walls, carpet, etc.) with the respect due another person’s property.

Prohibited Substances

No warning will be given in this category.

Tobacco, drugs, alcohol, weapons, and fireworks are not allowed in the building or parking areas. Anyone discovered with possession of any of these items during the hours of 8:20 a.m. and 4:40 p.m. will be immediately expelled from WEST for the semester WITHOUT REFUND.

Sports Equipment

Do not bring skateboards. They are not allowed inside the building or on the property.

Personal Computers

Students may bring computer equipment for taking notes in class with tutor approval.

Verbal Expectations

  1. Bathroom humor and crude language is not permitted.
  2. Sexually orientated jokes, comments or name-calling is prohibited.
  3. Inappropriate gestures with hands will not be tolerated.
  4. Calling other people names other than their legal name or personally stated nickname is prohibited.

ANYTHING communicated verbally or nonverbally that is deemed inappropriate will be disciplined. Ephesians 5:4 “and there must be NO filthiness and silly talk, or coarse jesting, which are not fitting.”

Open Campus Explanation

WEST is an open campus and therefore, students and parents hold responsibility for attendance on class days. Many parents with students attending WEST will be encountering a new experience. Therefore, it is important that everyone understand what WEST means when it says it is an “open campus.” Because WEST is similar to a college experience with students arriving and departing for different classes during the day, there is not a system to maintain constant knowledge of each student’s whereabouts.


For the safety of those within our rented space:

  1. Unregistered friends or relatives are not welcome to attend with your student unless prior arrangements have been made with WEST Staff.
  2. Other unrecognized people in our rented space at WEST will be asked to leave immediately and reported to the police if unwilling to depart.
  3. Parents should check in with the on-site administrator for the purpose of visiting a class in session.

Inside the building:

  1. Students in the building must be within the rented space.
  2. If a student is discovered by ANY responsible adult to be beyond the rented areas, the students will be brought to the on-site supervisor, and is expected to come willingly.
  3. WEST staff and tutors do not have the authority to give students permission to leave the campus and neither will we keep track of whether or not your child is permitted by you to leave the campus and/or ride with another student.

Outside the building:

  1. Some WEST high school students drive themselves to and from the WEST campus.
  2. Some students will have permission from their parents to drive away from campus between class sessions.
  3. WEST staff and tutors do not have the authority to give students permission to leave the campus and neither will we keep track of whether or not your child is permitted by you to leave the campus and/or ride with another student.



Ephesians 5:10 “Trying to learn what is pleasing to the Lord.” ?The word trying is important here. God knows and we know that no one is perfect. However, no one needs to be characterized by disobedience. The basis for discipline at WEST is that we are all working towards instruction in behavior that honors other people and their possessions.
There will be NO TOLERANCE for behavior, clothing, or possession that does not contribute to the five premises on which this Code of Conduct is based. We retain the right to discipline a person for involvement in a situation or possession on an item that has not been previously mentioned. The discipline procedure used will depend on the perceived severity of the offense.

General Discipline Procedure:

1st Offense:

Remind the student of the expectation. (Separate from the other students immediately, if deemed necessary.)

2nd Offense:

Step 1: Send the student to the on-site administrator for the remainder of the period.
Step 2: The staff who responded to the offense will notify the parent of the inappropriate behavior at the end of the day  by e-mail or by phone.
Step 3: Parent needs to respond by e-mail or by phone, to the tutor or on-site administrator, that they are aware of the concern and have discussed appropriate behavior with their student and are willing to make restitution or apologies if requested.

WEST reserves the right to adjust disciplinary measures if a situation requires

Major Infraction Procedure:

(Bodily contact, Inappropraite Touch, Dress code, Music, Parking lot, Pets, Physical Surrounding, and Verbal)

1st Offense:
The student will be notified immediately and the parent as soon as possible.

2nd Offense:
The parents will be called to pick up the student. The student will be expected to leave the premises with their parent for the remainder of the day.

3rd Offense:
The student will be expelled from all classes for the semester WITHOUT REFUND.

WEST reserves the right to adjust disciplinary measures if a situation requires.