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Math Classes

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For assistance in choosing the correct class, please see WEST's Class Track Guidelines

Tuition Payments are broken up with two payments for semester classes and four payments for annual classes


FUNctional Middle School Math - Level 1 - New 5-7   Love   Full Year    $355
FUNctional Middle School Math - Level 2 5-7   Love   Full Year    $355
Personal Finance 9-12   Hunter   Spring Sem   $167.50
Pre-Calculus 10-12   Hunter   Full Year    $360
Saxon 7/6
see below for FAQs
6-9   Sands   Full Year    $365
Saxon Algebra 1/2
see below for FAQs
7-10   Sands   Full Year    $365
Saxon Algebra 1 Hybrid: In Class / Online
see below for FAQs
8-12   Sands   Full Year    $395
Saxon Algebra 2
see below for FAQs
9-12   Sands   Full Year    $365
Geometry (Alpha Omega)
see below for FAQs
9-12   Sands   Fall Sem    $182.50
Consumer Math - New
see below for FAQs
9-12   Sands   Full Year    $365



Math FAQ’s

How do Jan Sands’ math classes at WEST work?

Each week we cover 3-5 lessons. Homework is assigned. Students spend time 4-5 days per week on homework and tests at home. Lessons are scored by students or parents. Students make corrections. Tests are completed at home and handed in without scoring.

What is my role in math success?

Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning, time management, and communication with Mrs. Sands. Parents should check with their student and with Mrs. Sands as often as needed to help students stay on track. This is especially important in Geometry where we cover a year’s worth of material in one semester.

What if I have a question?

Between classes, if a student is struggling with a lesson or a problem, he or she is encouraged to email Mrs. Sands for help. In general, students who frequently ask for help by email get better grades and learn more. Students are expected to email their questions. Parents, students who don’t have their own email accounts might need your help with emailing with questions.

What happens when I email for help?

Mrs. Sands sends help in one of the following forms:

  • Email: sometimes a quick answer is sufficient
  • PDF: Mrs. Sands will make a colorful pdf document showing how to solve the problem. The pdf will be emailed.
  • Educreations video: Mrs. Sands will make a whiteboard video demonstrating how to solve the problem that’s causing problems. A link to the video will be emailed.

How do I know what the homework is?

  • Except for Math 76, each class has a syllabus that shows when lessons and tests are due. Classes will occasionally stray from the syllabus.
  • Students will be reminded of the homework each week in class. Usually, lessons we start in class are the lessons due the following week.
  • Go to jansands.com on Thursdays after noon to find a post that lists the homework for each class. Subscribe and get blog posts delivered to your email inbox.
  • Follow Mrs. Sands on Facebook. Find “Jan Sands” with a profile picture of a calculator. Blog posts that list the week’s homework will show up on Facebook.

How’s my child doing in math?

About the time classes start in September access information for my online grade book is sent to each parental email address. Go to trackmygrades.com, use the access information, and you’ll be able to see your child’s current grade and list of assignments.

What if I don’t know which class my child should take?

Contact WEST and they will forward your question to Mrs. Sands