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Gibson Test Info

WESTies ~

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, February 23, 2021

We have a new learning tool – The Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills

What is this? Glad you asked!

A Professional Assessment:

·  Available for Grades 4 - 12

·  Helps us, as parent/educators, understand how our students learn

· Provides strategies to set our students up for success

· Measures skills that underlie a student’s ability to learn with:

  • Long-term and Short-term Memory
  • Logic and Reason
  • Visual and Auditory Processing
  • Processing Speed

But wait…there’s more…

· Each parent receives a report of their student’s individual results showing relative strengths and weaknesses to age-based norms

· These results provide an invaluable guide to understanding how your student learns and why some things may come easily to one student and be so challenging to another

Next Steps:

· Register your student/s to test during an open class period at WEST with several time options -

  • Cost is $20/test
  • The Gibson Test cannot be substituted for State Annual Testing Requirements

· Receive test results and explanation of cognitive skills and their impact on learning during one parent seminar held on Tuesday, March 2, 1 pm at WEST

· Read the attached information regarding the Gibson Test

WEST is partnering with the non-profit Gibson Institute of Cognitive Research and LearningRx to offer this testing at a significant discount to WEST families.

For parents who have always wondered why their student/s learn the way they do, this will be a fabulous opportunity to get some answers and help.

This recommendation comes from the WEST Team with personal experience regarding our own kiddos learning styles.

The WEST Team
Robin, Julie, Amy, Kathy, Tiffany

Resources: Gibson Test Website – www.gibsontest.com
Introductory VideoResearch Documentation