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PSEO Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking - CT 213.PW01 - 3 credits  (North Central University)

Instructor: Ryan Thornton

Prerequisite: None

Class Type: This class has both online and face-to-face components. This hybrid format course has the same NCU faculty member meeting with the WEST students face-to-face that teaches the online components. WEST PSEO courses have a low student to instructor ratio and are offered in a 15 week format. All PSEO students are supported by a dedicated PSEO academic advisor.

Description: Designed to develop an ability to identify and critique the basic criteria of various ethical systems, the course surveys the major schools of ethical theory, examines the writings of significant theorists and applies this knowledge to current ethical problems.

Students need reliable internet access to complete the coursework.  

Total Due:

  • All tuition and text materials costs for this course are paid to NCU by MN PSEO funding.
  • Adjunct professors are paid by NCU.
  • Fee for this 3 credit course is $15.00 ($5.00 per credit) plus a $20.00 one-time/student/semester initial administrative processing fee.
  • WEST fees will be billed online as one lump sum to the student's family upon acceptance of the student to his/her PSEO NCU courses at WEST.