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High School at Home

Unit Requirements for Grades 9-12

English/language arts    4.0

mathematics     4.0

science      3.0

U.S. History and Constitution     1.0

economics         0.5

U.S. Government           0.5

other social studies course(s)    1.0

physical education or Junior ROTC    1.0

computer science (including keyboarding)   1.0

foreign language or career and technology education   1.0

electives        7.0

TOTAL     24.0

The list above is of the MINIMUM requirements for graduation. If your student plans on attending college, please check with that college for specific requirements.

Recommendations for College Bound Students:

2 units of Science should be lab sciences (Chemistry or Biology)

½ a unit (1 semester) of Physical Education be in the area of Health

2 units of a Foreign Language

1 unit of Computer Applications/Computer Science Course

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment applies to students who are enrolled in both high school and college. This is made possible under a 2005 South Carolina State Law called the Education and Economic Development Act or EEDA.

The two options for Dual Enrollment at technical colleges across the state are:

Concurrent Enrollment - whereby a high school student takes college courses, and requests college credit only.

Dual Credit Enrollment - whereby a high school student enrolls in college courses, and requests both high school credit and college credit.

A variety of courses are offered for dual enrollment credit among the sixteen technical colleges. Courses range from general education sections in English and Math to technical education courses in Radio and Television, Early Childhood Development and Criminal Justie.

Driver's License

In order for your child to receive a driving permit or license, you must show your membership letter from CHEA, child's social security card, child's birth certificate, and proof of residency. If your child has already graduated, you will need their HS diploma or GED.

You can print a 'Report Card' for your child to give to insurance companies for a student discount.

Interscholastic Activity

Homeschooled students in SC are now eligible to participate in interscholastic activities of the school district in which the student resides. Please see for full details.

(P)SAT and ACT

Sophomore students can take the PSAT in October to begin preparing them for the SAT. It is not required, but is useful as a tool for evaluation. You must go to your local testing site to sign up, usually a public or private school. Check out  SAT Readiness for testing locations and details.

Junior students who plan to attend college should register for the SAT as soon as possible. They can take the test as many times as it is offered, but scholarship deadlines are usually February 1st of their Senior year. College Board

Should your high school student take the SAT or the ACT?

Check with the colleges that your student will be applying to, but in most cases, it doesn't really matter. Both tests are equally acceptable. That doesn't help you? Well, check out this comparison chart in order to help you make an informed decision.


FASFA- Seniors should apply online after January 1st @

SC HOPE Scholarship

LIFE Scholarship

Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Program

You can also check out:


SC State Scholarships

Transcript, Record Keeping, and Diploma

Transcripts, should you do your own, should not include volunteer hours or community service. It should be simple and include academic courses, dual enrollment courses, PSAT/SAT and/or ACT scores, numeric grades, and GPA using the SC Uniform Grading Scale. A type of resume portfolio which lists everything else, such as awards, projects, extracurricular activities, community service, etc should be attached. Colleges love to see the 'whole' student, and attaching your child's portfolio to their transcript allows this.

CHEA does provide a sealed transcript for students upon request and upon graduating(please fill out the online Transcript Request Form on the Record Keeping page of this site), an optional transcript with GPA and class rank for scholarship purposes for purchase, and an optional diploma for purchase. Please note that if your child plans to apply for scholarships, the transcript must come from your homeschool association, not from you.

View the SC Uniform Grading Scale, for a new grading policy.

Examples of transcripts can be found here:

Donna Young Transcripts

Help with record keeping, transcript building, report cards, etc can be found here:

Homeschool Reporting

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My Home School Grades

Homeschool Record Keeping

High School diplomas can be found here:

Homeschool Diploma

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