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Fees and Requirements

Members MUST adhere to ALL requirements of Section 59-65-47 of the SC Homeschool Law.

Membership fees and applications are required each year. These fees are per family regardless of the number of children/students.

SC Homeschool Law requires that the parent/legal guardian must hold at least a High School diploma or GED in order to homeschool. CHEA requires a copy for the protection of our members and ourselves. Only a custodial parent or legal guardian is allowed to homeschool in South Carolina.

Members agree to notify us of any inquiries made by SC Dept of Ed, Social Services, and/or Law Enforcement within 24 hours. Should this happen, members agree to provide us with any and all necessary records immediately. 

Members agree to notify us of any change of address, other contact information, or family status within 15 days of said change.

There are no late fees to apply. Fees remain the same no matter the date of application. ALL memberships end on May 31st regardless of joining date.

Membership runs from June 1st-May 31st. If your homeschool year ends later than May 31st, please re-enroll in order to remain under the legal umbrella.

Each member is required to submit a Year-End Compliance Form at the close of each school year. Failure to submit this form will result in non-compliance and will make you ineligible to join the association the following year. In the event that you enroll your child in public or private school we will not be able to certify that your child has completed the school year. Parents/Teachers are responsible for keeping all other records as required by Section 59-65-47 of SC Code of Law.

A member may be placed on probationary status for non-compliance of CHEA's policies and/or non-compliance of 59-65-47. If membership is terminated for non-compliance, you could be held for truancy under the compulsory attendance law.

Membership (per family) $45

Refunds are NOT permitted. Please read carefully the Member Services page and ask any questions that you may have BEFORE registering. We encourage you to search our site thoroughly prior to registration. You may contact us at

You can mail membership fees AND a copy of your High School diploma or GED to:

Cornerstone Home Educators Association (CHEA)

P.O. Box 206

Loris, SC 29569

Please note that there will be a $37 fee for all returned checks and possible cancellation of membership due to non-compliance. Thank you!

In order to keep our membership fees to a minimum, we do not currently offer an online payment option. Thank you for your understanding.