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Branches Code of Culture

The purpose of the Branches Code of Culture is to promote a thriving environment where families feel safe and happy, and are empowered in their homeschooling journey. All parents and children are encouraged to:

B – Blessing 

  • Be a blessing by having a grace-filled attitude. 
  • Be a blessing by treating others with kindness, compassion, dignity, and respect.

R – Responsible 

  • Be responsible by working hard in volunteer jobs and classes.
  • Be responsible by keeping the campus and outdoor areas clean.

A – Adaptable

  • Be adaptable by having a positive attitude no matter the situation.
  • Be adaptable by jumping in to help where needed.

N – Noble

  • Be noble by introducing yourself to someone and making a new friend.
  • Be noble by having a servant’s heart.

C – Considerate

  • Be considerate by actively listening to your teachers and parent helpers.
  • Be considerate by showing up to your jobs and classes on time.

H – Helpful

  • Be helpful by remembering your items when you leave.
  • Be helpful by looking for ways to solve problems.

E – Encouraging

  • Be encouraging by vocalizing the good in those around you.
  • Be encouraging by lifting up each other in times of need.

S – Safe

  • Be safe by thinking before you act.
  • Be safe by being aware of your surroundings.