CHET-SE is an organization of Christians offering fellowship to encourage and equip one another to effectively train our children. ...encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.  --I Thessalonians 5:11 Christian Home Educators of Tucson - South East Untitled Header Image Christian Home Educators of Tucson-South East Christian Home Educators of Tucson-South East

CHET-SE Offers

Student Connections:

How Does CHET-SE Facilitate Student Connections?

  • Fellowship Fridays - We offer a weekly opportunity for family fellowship time at the park.
  • P.E. - Our weekly program for ages 4 up through grade 12 at the park is run by parent volunteer coaches.
  • Elementary Playgroup - K-2nd graders & their families meet twice a month at alternating parks to show others the love of Jesus through learning, games, and free play
  • 3rd-5th Grade Service Club - 3rd-5th graders and their families meet monthly to combine service projects with fun connecting time.
  • Field Trips - Educational field trips around Tucson and surrounding areas are coordinated through the year.
  • K-5th Holiday Parties - Special holiday parties are planned for Valentine’s Day & Christmas.
  • Youth (grades 6-12) - Class representatives and elected officers plan activities for CHET-SE youth on a monthly basis. These activities include various parties, game nights, and service opportunities.
  • Middle School Girls “All God's Girls” (grades 6-8) - Monthly social activities are planned to foster relationships among girls ages 11-14.
  • Middle School Boys (grades 6-8) - Monthly social activities are planned to foster relationships among boys ages 11-14.
  • High School Girls "Forever God's Girls" (grades 9-12) - Monthly social activities are planned to foster relationships among high school age girls. 
  • High School Boys (grades 9-12) - Monthly social activities are planned to foster relationships among high school age boys.  


Member Connections & Mentoring:

How Does CHET-SE Facilitate Member Connections?

  • New Member Mentoring - Our Member Connections coordinator is available to help new members make connections.
  • Moms' Night Out - Moms meet once a month at different locations/restaurants for an evening of fun and fellowship.
  • Family Activities - CHET-SE offers a variety of activities for the whole family, including a Family Picnic, Old-Fashioned Family Social, Water Day, and PE Kick Off.
  • Member Care - This ministry provides an opportunity to bless our fellow CHET-SE families with a meal or other assistance during a significant life event such as illness or the birth of a baby.  Member Care Information
  • Renew & Refresh Tea - At this annual half day retreat, moms are treated to a time of tea, fellowship, and spiritual encouragement.
  • Secret Sister - Encourage your assigned secret sister through notes or small gifts, all the while keeping your identity hidden until the end-of-year reveal party. 


Teacher Resources & Services:

What Kind of Resources & Services Does CHET-SE Provide for Homeschooling Parents?

  • Library - A large assortment of homeschooling materials can be checked out at the park. A list of books can be found on the member portion of this website.
  • Used Curriculum & Craft Fair - CHET-SE organizes and hosts a one-day fair in June where members and non-members can sell and purchase used curriculum and other items.
  • God’s World News Magazine - A CHET-SE member coordinates the distribution of GWN, a magazine that “delivers ready–made opportunities to practice critical thinking in the context of academic-real world-subjects.”
  • Grand Canyon University Alpha Program for dual credit - LINK
  • Blessing Table - At this informal exchange under the park ramada on Fellowship Fridays, members bring any yard sale-type items they would like to get rid of and also take whatever they can use. 
  • Standardized Testing - In the spring, there is an opportunity for your children grades 3 and up to participate in the Iowa Test of Basic Skills.
  • Discounts - Some businesses in Tucson offer discounts to homeschoolers who show a current CHET-SE membership card.


Academic Activities, Fairs & Bees:

What Kind of Academic Activities Does CHET-SE Offer/Facilitate?

  • Spelling Bee - In January, CHET-SE hosts a city-wide homeschooling bee which funnels into the county, state, and national Scripps competition.  
  • Geography Bee - A geography bee is held in November for children in the 8th grade or below. 
  • Geography Fair - Families present and display what they have learned about various countries.  
  • Youth Seminar - An annual career day held in March features guest speakers and demonstrations to give students exposure to a wide variety of career and future options.
  • Youth Community Service - Students plan monthly opportunities to assist various organizations and individuals.  
  • Yearbook - A parent coordinator, with the assistance of student and parent photographers, creates a pictorial record of the CHET-SE year.
  • Graduations (Kindergarten, Jr. High, & Sr. High) - Academic milestones of completing Kindergarten, Jr. High, and Sr. High are marked with special graduation ceremonies.
  • Talent Show - Students are offered an opportunity to share their gifts & talents.