About GRACE Band


  • GRACE stands for Georgetown Regional Area Christian Eduators
  • Grace Band is an extension of GRACE Co-op but allows Christian Homeschooling students who are not members of GRACE Co-op to join
  • GRACE Band is held on a separate day and location from GRACE Co-op classes
  • GRACE Band students are not eligible to participate in GRACE Co-op classes, events or activities unless specifically invited


  • Interview: GRACE Band requires any homeschool family seeking to take a band class to go through an interview, testing and/or try-out process with our Band Director. The Band Director and the SALT (Servant And Leadership Team) have full discretion regarding acceptance into the GRACE Band program
  • Criteria:
    • Members of GRACE Band are like-minded, Christian homeschooling families who agree with GRACE’s Statement of Faith as well as the Statement on Marriage, Gender and Sexuality. Families are expected to sign our Statement of Faith and students are expected to sign and abide by our behavior contract
    • Families of GRACE Band educate their children at home according to Texas homeschooling laws
    • Band families are under the authority of the Georgetown Regional Area Christian Educators leadership for all band classes and activities
  • Size: GRACE Band enrollment is limited at the Band Director's discretion


  • Team: Georgetown Regional Area Christian Educators has a Servant and Leadership Team (SALT) (aka Board of Directors) of five to seven couples who help make decisions for and oversee Georgetown Regional Area Christian Educators. Each member of the team has certain areas in the co-op which they oversee (i.e. membership, scheduling, website, social events, etc.)
  • Co-Directors: Georgetown Regional Area Christian Educators has two co-directors who are the main contacts and make executive decisions together, but include and consult the rest of the SALT often and when necessary. The SALT team votes on decisions when needed
  • Band Director: The Band Director oversees operations, disciplinary issues, scheduling, membership and other areas of our Band Program. The Director has the authority to make decisions regarding band but consults and works with the SALT and Co-Directors


  • Annual fees are incorporated into first semester amounts, while second semester is only the class fee
  • First semester amounts are:
    • Advanced Band - $150 per student
    • Beginner Band - $100 per student
    • Family Costs:
      • Building Use is $60 per family; check written to St. John's UMC
      • Insurance Fee is $20 per family (GRACE Co-op families have already paid this)
  • Second semester costs are:
    • Advanced Band – $150
    • Beginner Band - $100
  • Extras – additional costs could be incurred (T-shirts, concert fees, bus rentals, etc.)


Google Classroom:

  • We have a Google Classroom set up for each band class, which will have all of our class communication
  • Parents should choose to receive the class notifications, as this is where all pertinent details will be shared.
  • You will receive all the info on how to make this happen once you have signed up for Band!



  • Purpose: The Georgetown Regional Area Christian Educators website is used to manage registration, membership, classes, calendars, group emails and discussions, event sign-ups, etc.
  • Access: GRACE Band families will have limited access on the GRACE site. Band families will only be able to access the band class emails, and will not be able to see the co-op emails. Band students will not be eligible to sign up for co-op classes or co-op calendar events unless specifically invited
  • Address: The website address is: www.gtgrace.com For help with choosing an instrument, THIS website should be used


Contact Information: [email protected] or 512-659-2816