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We are so glad that you are interested in classes at ECA-Shiloh. We are a very vibrant co-op, offering classes of all types to assist you in home schooling your children. ECA-Shiloh Coop is open to ECA-Shiloh members only.


Evergreen Christian Academy-Shiloh is an educational and social network for Christian home-schooling families, providing and opportunity for parents to come together to share their talents and resources for the mutual benefit of all participants.  We meet At Shiloh Baptist Church each Thursday.

Our Co-op is decidedly Christian, with Christian, Biblical, and Creation based classes.

Our goal and mission is to offer very high quality classes, in a safe, friendly environment.


We request that parents stay with their children for the entire day unless your student is 16 and can drive. This is a cooperative environment so we ask that everyone help out in someway to make our co-op the best it can be. We ask that all student and parents be respectful of each other and follw co-op guidelines. All fees for co-op are non-refundable once co-op begins. Also if you choose to swap classes after the first week of class you are responsible for the additional fees that you will incur. After the first week of co-op you can no longer swap classes. 

Click the link below to view the upcoming class schedule.  

CO-OP Fall 2019