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Prom: Moonlit Garden Gala

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Date – Time

March 11, 2023 – 7:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Grade/Age Restriction

14 y/o–19 y/o

Additional Information

Navigators Homeschool Prom 2022
March 11, 2023

  • Time: 7pm-10:30pm. Doors will open at 6:45, last song at 10:25pm.
  • Where: Nix Center, Fairhope
  • Who: Students ages 14-19
  • Capacity limit: 125 participants
  • Ticket pricesMembers: $30.00, Non-Members: $40. Price will increase to $50 after Feb 18th.
    • Each member may invite one guest at the Member price. Any additional non-member guests must register and pay as a non-member. (EX: If you have 3 membestudents attending, they may each bring a date/friend at member cost.)
  • Purchase deadline: March 4th (No tickets after this date)

Included with ticket:

  • Photography: There will be a photo booth set up and photos taken throughout the event. Photos will be available via download from a private site. Info will be provided on how to access all photos from the evening. By attending you agree to being photographed.
  • Food: There will be finger food, snacks, desserts, and drinks available throughout the evening. Your teen may wish to eat a full meal before the event.

**The event will be closed once we reach our limit or the deadline date, which ever comes first.**

Special Needs Parents: If your child would like to attend prom, but need special accomodations, please email Jennifer Z to discuss your options.


  • Highschool students ages 14-19
  • Each attendee agrees to the appropriate Dress Requirements and Behaviors (see below).
  • Boy/girl relationships should remain appropriate. There will be no public display of affections (hand holding is acceptable).
  • Boy/Girl dancing should be modest, no provocative dancing will be allowed.
  • As a Christ centered organization, we expect students to adhere to standards that are pleasing to the Lord in regards to dress, behavior, speech and conduct. We uphold Biblical standards for gender-appropriate, modest dress (see attire guidelines below), and respectful behavior toward all attendees and chaperones. Please do your part to make this an enjoyable and memorable evening for all attendees.


We’re so excited about Prom and that you will be joining us. This will be a great time to make memories. The planning committee is comprised of both parents and students who will be attending. We have designed these dress code requirements to accommodate your style and personality. Remember first and foremost that our number one priority is to be Christ-honoring in all things- dress, conduct, word and deed. Dress must be formal, it’s prom!


  • Tuxedos
  • Dress Suits: Coat/Jacket, Tie/Bow Tie, Dress Pants/Slacks
  • No Jeans. Pants should fit at the waist, no undergarments may be visible.


  • No strapless dresses. If you find the perfect dress, but it’s strapless, you can add straps. 
  • Necklines must not be lower than the width of your palm (place your thumb in the hollow point of your neck, laying your hand horizontally across your chest, fingers together.) Test your dress with all your dance moves to make sure there will be no wardrobe malfunctions. 

  • Dress Length:  While we hope you'll take this opportunity to wear a long formal gown, mid-calf is also acceptable. Hi-low dresses are permitted if the "low" part is no shorter than one palm width above the knee when sitting.
  • Dresses with slits should be measured with the slit no higher than the palm width at the knee, when sitting.
  • Open backs (no sides) are only acceptable if no other areas or undergarment is exposed. Again, test out those dance moves! 
  • No cut-outs at torso or chest area - not even sheer fabric.
  • Dresses not meeting these requirements will not be permitted to attend Navigators Prom and refunds will not be given. 

I understand these dress code requirements and agree to adhere to these standards. I understand that if my dress does not meet these requirements, I will not be permitted to attend Prom nor will I received a refund. I may, however, make the necessary alterations to be permitted to attend.

BY PURCHASING TICKETS PARTICIPANTS, GUESTS, AND PARENTS AGREE TO ADHERE TO THE RULES and any consequences if dress code or conduct code are not adhered to.


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The Signup Deadline for this event was 3/9/2023 – 11:55 PM CST

Email the Event Coordinator – jenski0617@aol.com

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