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2022-2023 LS Class Catalog

Lower School Scheduling:

First Hour                    
History Physical Science Sewing 1 Nature Study Art (Full) Piano Literature 7-10 Bible Drill K'nex 7-9 Cooking 7-9  
Second Hour                    
History Guitar (full) IEW 2 General Science World Geography Math Skills 7-9 Bible Drill Drama Cooking 9-11 PE 7-11  
Third Hour                    
Literature 11-14 Science 11+ Sewing 2 (full) IEW 1 Composition Wordly Wise Spanish 1 (Full) Nature Study Photography Curiosity Untamed Cooking
Fourth Hour                    
Science 11+ General Science Art (full) Sign Language 2 Science 7-10   Photography Curiosity Untamed Cooking 10-14 PE 11-14  
Fifth Hour                    
LA History Science 9+ Math Skills 11+ World Geography 10+ Art 9+ (full) Piano 7-9 Literature 10+ History 7-10 Arts and Crafts 7-9 Sign Language 1 PE 9-12

***Nursery children will play inside and outside and be loved on all day. Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Graders will have playground time, math skills class, reading readiness class, creative arts time, and center games each day. These groups of children do not change classes.***

Description of Classes:

Area of Study Course Course Description Age Range Cost/yr
Language Arts Literature literature comprehension and analysis using classic literature 7-14  
  Wordly Wise Vocabulary with application and further understanding  7-10  
  IEW 1 writing strucure and style, All Things Fun and Facinating 9-14  
  IEW 2 Narnia 1: The Lion's Song 9-14  
  Composition essay writing and development 11-14  
Math Math Skills grade appropriate math drills and games 7-14  
  Pre Algebra Saxon Algebra 1/2, Meets M&W, placement test if new to co-op math 11-13 $150.00
  Algebra 1 Saxon Algebra 1, meets M & W , placement test if new to co-op math 13-14 $150.00
Science Science Apologia Anatomy Notebooking Journal (10+)or Junior Notebooking Journal (7-9) required  7-14  
  General Science Apologia General Science 3rd edition, Journal and tests required 12-14  
  Physical Science Apologia, meets M & W, prerequisite: Algebra 1 (or current enrollment), journal and tests required 13-14 $150.00
Social Studies History Mystery of History Vol. 4: Wars of Independence to Modern Times 7-14  
  LA History history, geography, and culture of LA, Abeka My State Notebook 12-14  
  World Geography physical and cultural world geography 7-14  
Foreign Language        
  Sign Language 1 beginning ASL 9-14  
  Sign Language 2 intermediate ASL 11-14  
  Spanish 1 introduction to Spanish 7-14  
Fine Arts Art mixed media art projects 9-13  
  Arts & Crafts seasonal and theme-based crafts 7-9  
  Guitar beginning group lessons, guitar required 9-14


  Photography camera required 9-14  
  Piano keyboard and auditions for placement required (list experience) 7-14 $30.00
Electives Bible Drill memorization of Bible books, verses, locating passages (a lot of memorization) 9-14  
  Cooking fun snacks and easy meals 7-14 $40.00
  K'nex k'nex projects using mechanical principles 7-9  
  Keyboarding computer typing, laptop required 9-14  
  Nature Study study and sketches of animal and plant life 7-14  
  P.E. fitness, games, and sports 7-14  
  Sewing sewing machine required (list experience) 9-14 $40.00
  Drama intro to theatre performance, lighting, costume & makeup 11-14  
  Curiosity Untamed scouting type program: interactive lessons, skills, projects, etc. Badges earned 7-12 $10.00
1st Grade   Using a first grade curriculum at home this year 6-7  
Kindergarten B   Learning to read at home this year, measuring, money, adding/subtracting 4-6  
Kindergarten A   Math readiness, Phonemic Awareness, Hands on learning 4-6  
Pre-K   Ready to learn letters, shapes, and numbers. (Potty Trained) 3-5  
Nursery   Learing to play with others! 0-3