Another great school year comes to a close! Explore the Outdoors This Summer!

Don't Forget! Send In Your Notice of Termination Letter

Upon completion of your home-education program, according to Florida State Law,

you must submit a letter of termination upon enrollment in a public or private school,

or upon moving from the county.

You must file a notice of termination with the superintendent’s office within 30 days of the time

you end your home-education program. This doesn't have to be a burden!

A notice of termination should include the same student information as the notice of intent.

FPEA suggests that you to send your notice certified mail, return-receipt requested for proof 

that it reached its destination.

Ecclesiastes tells us that "there is a season for every activity under heaven."

For many of us, homeschooling is just that, a season in our lives.

If that season is coming to an end for you, BE ENCOURAGED!

Your children will grow and prosper under your parental guidance regardless of where they are being educated!