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Know What Options You Have Available To You

There are a MULTITUDE of class options available to us as homeschoolers, both locally and on-line. You can take classes independently, as part of a co-op, or right from the comfort of your own home!

The TOUGH part is researching and finding them all!

Well FCH has done the work for you! We offer our members unlimited access to an EXTENSIVE list of local co-op choices, private class offerings and on-line classes catering to ALL ages.

Whether you are homeschooling or part of a non-traditional private school, our list contains co-op & independent class information from elementary age level all the way up to high school credit classes! 

To gain access to this up-to-date listing at any time, all you need to do is become an FCH member! It's inexpensive and your membership can be activated immediately upon joining!


Along with the host of other benefits that FCH offers it's annual members, you're sure to enjoy this one! Our member community is always willing to share their opinions, experience and encouragement in regard to the various co-ops and classes they have been associated with. And that "inside information" can be INVALUABLE to a family looking for the right fit for their family!

Once your FCH Membership is active, you'll be able to unlock the entire Members-Only website and have immediate access to our private class listings and links.

We look forward to having your family join ours!