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Homeschool Consultation Services

Private, Homeschool Consultation Services -

Have you ever felt like you just weren't quite cutting it with the homeschooling thing?

Not sure if you're cut out to homeschool your children at all because well, frankly, NONE of you are enjoying it??

Well, you're not alone! We've all been there from time to time. And sometimes, all we need is someone to listen and offer some suggestions that we just weren't seeing on our own. This is where a Private Homeschool Consultation can help. 

Private Homeschool Consultations are scheduled at your convenience, (live online, or locally in your home). These sessions allowing some one on one time to get your thoughts out and get some background information on your family.  We'll find out where you feel you are right now with your homeschooling plan and what got you there in the first place. 

What's working? What's not?

Sometimes all we need are some well timed suggestions on how to tweak things just a bit to make learning fun. Other times, we need someone outside of our immediate circle to see things a bit more clearly and point us towards true north again. 

There are a variety of reasons people schedule Consultation Sessions:

  • Families that are brand new to homeschooling
  • Parenting / Discipline Issues
  • One Parent wants to homeschool but the other doesn't
  • Accountability / Encouragement
  • Specific Curriculum Consultation
  • Student Learning Style Evaluations & Tips
  • Parent Teaching Style Evaluations & Tips
  • Fear of specifics grades (transitioning to Elementary School / Middle School / High School)
  • Trauma Homeschooling Situations (schooling during sickness, a move, divorce, etc.)
  • Unique Homeschooling Situations (missionaries, transitional housing, foster families, etc.)
  • Tips on Schooling multiple children of different ages simultaneously
  • Home / Classroom Management & Organization Tips 
  • Families that are thinking of putting the kids back in public/private school

Each Private Homeschool Consultation includes 90 minutes of live consultation (either in-home or online) as well as a written report. The written report contains your responses to the initial questions, items shared in our Consultation Session along with a multitude of suggestions you can look back on again and again when needed to find encouragement and fresh ideas. 

FCH Homeschool Consultant / Jen Henriksen

Jen Henriksen is the Founder of FCH and has a true heart for homeschooling families. While she loves students of all ages, her passion lies specifically with struggling students that do not naturally excel in traditional academic settings. She has a knack for seeing things a bit "outside the box" and coming up with crafty solutions to otherwise difficult situations. As a homeschool mom herself, she began teaching her two young daughter’s at preschool ages and went on to homeschool them throughout their high school years. Over the years, Jen has offered many in-home classes in Elementary, Middle School & High School Writing, Basic Photography, Young Entrepreneuship, Marine Science, and SCUBA. Her youngest daughter graduated from high school in May 2017 and both of her children are now enrolled in college. As the Founder of FCH, Jen Henriksen has been encouraging and counseling homeschool families for over 13 years. 


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Private Homeschool Consultation Fee: $150.00  

Consultation Fee Includes:

  1. Initial Appointment (15 min Private, Meet & Greet Session LIVE Online)
  2. Initial Question Packet (to be completed prior to consultation session) 
  3. All Adminsitrative Fees (online meeting room fees, taxes, paypal fees, drive-time [if applicable], etc.)
  4. 60 Minutes of Live Consultation (In-Home Session or Private, LIVE, Session Online)
  5. Follow-Up Appointment (15 min Private Session LIVE Online)
  6. FCH Members receive an additional 10% discount

In-Home Consultation Services offered in limited services areas of Pinellas, Pasco & Hillsborough Counties