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MI Lawmakers Target Homeschooling

Yesterday, Representative Matt Koleszar, Chair of Michigan's House Education Committee, expressed his desire to require all homeschool families register their children with state government.

He posted on X, “Michigan is one of only 11 states that doesn’t count or register homeschooled children, and abusive parents are taking advantage of that to avoid being found out. It’s time to support all Michigan students and change that. Michigan cannot allow this loophole to continue.”

While SLG ardently opposes any and all acts of child abuse and actively works to aid the most vulnerable, we remain dedicated champions of Christian parenting and homeschooling.

There are numerous inaccuracies and false presumptions in Rep. Koleszar's statement, and it important that engaged Christian citizens respectfully bring truth into the public dialogue:

As our friends at Michigan Christian Homeschool Network (MICHN) stated in a recent press release on the subject, "Instead of exploiting a false political narrative about home education to make headlines, Representative Koleszar’s time would be better spent focusing on improving Michigan’s struggling public school system, focusing his attention on the real problems that plague the state’s Child Protective Services and the abuse of children in union-backed schools."

Even while the legislature is on recess this month, many legislators are working on crafting policy, you can help ensure that your values are represented in that policy by speaking truth in this vital moment.

We urge you to join us in prayer for all elected leaders and to share your thoughts and concerns with Rep. Koleszar and with your own state representative and senator.