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Class Descriptions & Overviews

We have many classes in all grade levels and interests. Class Descriptions will give you a quick summary of each one of our classes. Below are the overviews for all of our classes, click on these links for more detailed information about specific classes. Please be aware that not all of these classes are being offered this year, please check the class registration page for what is currently being offered for the current year.

If you decide you would like to get more information about PIONEERS, please contact us.

***PLEASE NOTE***  Some of our New classes are still under-construction and we are still in the process of upgrading some of our current classes.  Please be aware that Overviews for new classes and classes that are being revamped may not be completed and posted until June 1st.  Any changes in curriculum will be noted and revised on the overview as well as on the bulk order form which will also be posted By June 1st.  Please check back after June 1st to review the most currnt overviews for any of the classes you have selected to be certain you have all the necessary supplies and the correct curriculum.  


Drawing I

Drawing II

Advanced Drawing & Painting

Art History

Multi-Media Art

Performing Arts



Critical Thinking & Logic

Dietary Health and Nutrition 

EQUIPPED - Christian apologetics – Equipping Christian teens to defend their Faith)

Journalism/Digital Photography

Study Skills & Learning Strategies



Advanced Woodshop and Building Trades

College & Career Workshops

Hands That Bless l

Hands That Bless II

Intro. to Woodshop and the Trade Skills

Computer Keyboarding

Mad Scientist

Rocket Science/Kites

STEM Jr. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Yearbook Club


Advanced Writing & Composition

American & British Literature & Composition

Creative Writing Assessment

Creative Writing and Writing w/ Lit. Book List

Creative Writing Progression

YP Creative Writing A

YP Creative Writing B

YP Creative Writing C

YP Creative Writing D

Writing with Literature I

Writing with Literature II

Writing with Literature III

The G.U.M. of Language

Speech - Intro. to Debate

Themes in Literature


Intro. to Latin

Latin 1

Latin 2

Intro. to Sign Language

Sign Language I

Sign Language 2

Intro. to Spanish

Spanish I

Advanced Spanish Tutor II/III


I Can't Believe It's Math!

Practical Math

Consumer Math and Financial Literacy 

A Beka Basic Math

A Beka Pre-Algebra

Geometry (traditional)

Algebra I

Algebra II

Adv. Math (Pre-Calculus)



Computer Technology I

Computer Technology II

Great Books On-line

Bible as Literature

Bible as History


YP General Science Year 1

YP General Science Year 2

YP General Science Year 3

Science Progression

Exploring Creation with Chemistry, Physics, and Astronomy

Creation Science

General Science

Physical Science

Biology I

Anatomy & Physiology


Advanced Physics


Health Science

Zoology/Agriculture Science



Ancient History I

Mystery of History 1

Mystery of History II

Mystery of History lV: Wars of Independence-Modern Times

U.S. Geography (6-8th)

Michigan History (8th-10th)

World Geography & Cultures

American History & Cultures

World History & Culture

Intro. to Humanities

Government & Economics

YP U.S. Geography