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Founded in 1994, and located in Jackson, Michigan, we partner with families who desire to homeschool their children. Our primary desire is to come alongside the homeschooling parent/teacher and help lighten the load by offering tutorial support and enrichment opportunities for the middle through high school aged students. At the same time, we seek to be a family friendly program that provides some fun, educational, social, and enrichment opportunities for younger siblings as well. PIONEERS has something for everyone, with an awesome staff who love the Lord, love homeschoolers and are experts, often degreed, in their areas of teaching.

PIONEERS is planning to resume onsite classes this fall, if we are able. We realize that Covid-19 remains a reality and share in the uncertainties that surround this pandemic.   The Pioneers leadership team has been prayerfully planning and following the "Safe School Roadmap" where it may apply to our families.  Hand sanitizer stations will be in place throughout the building and each classroom.  There will be a strong emphasis on hand-washing and personal hygiene throughout the day, as well as frequent disinfection of common surfaces during the day according to CDC guidelines. Currently, we are in Phase 4 in Jackson County. We continue to monitor the guidelines as they are being updated and plan to adjust as necessary in accordance with the CDC recommendations and guidelines as well as the information communicated from the Jackson County Health Department and local authorities. A lot can change between now and September 9th (our first week of onsite classes).  Please continue to check the website as we continue to monitor and update our Covid Safety plan for the upcoming year. We all miss our Pioneers families and look forward to being safely together if we are able.  Your prayers are appreciated in this regard!

IT IS NOT TO LATE TO REGISTER for Pioneers Classes.  Some classes are full, and some are "pending" dependent on enrollment increase.  Please check out the Class Options available at Pioneers 2020 by clicking the Registration link at the top of this page!

Class Schedules can be found for your review under the 6-12th & YP Tabs located above.  Please see Class Schedule Worksheet (for 6-12 students) and WP/YP Schedule (for YP students).

RETURNING FAMILIES: Once you have reviewed the current available classes, please login using your username & password. Your profile will be found near the top of your screen, next to Balance. Update profile information (including any changes such as student grade, age & email *if you would like the student to have website access to their classes*).   Very Important: Please click on Balance and pay via PayPal the Annual $50 Registration Deposit. Also, login to JAHE website at and complete either renewal or sign up for membership. After these items have been completed, (forms, profile, your *JAHE membership paid, and your $50 registration deposit is received), then your online family account will become accessible to select your students’ classes for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year.

NEW FAMILIES: In order to properly serve your family, please consult with the Administrative Staff prior to completing the "Join" link Form.  You can reach a team member by completing the "Contact Us" Form (located above).

Please note that the $50 registration deposit is non-refundable, (unless we are forced to close due to Covid concerns) so please make certain you have perused the class offerings you are interested in prior to submitting your deposit.
Because of the Uncertainty of Covid concerns, the online Early Bird $50 Family Registration Deposit has been extended from June 30th until Friday, August 28th. After August 28th, the Family Registration Deposit increases to $75/Family.

The Homeschool Life website online program has simplified billing, so that each family can submit an initial $50 deposit online to get the registration process started, regardless of how many children you have in the program.   Once you select your classes, PIONEERS accounting will email you a bill that will be due within 10 days of your registration deposit.  This bill will cover the remainder of each family's registration fee ($20/Child for your 2nd and 3rd child (with no additional registration fees for 4 or more children). There is also a per student $10 yearly service fee required and any additional lab fees associated with specific classes.  Please note that this bill will vary from family to family depending on the number of registered students in your family as well as lab fees associated with each class.  *All fees (registration, yearly service fee, and class lab fees) are non-refundable unless a class is cancelled or exchanged, or Covid concerns do not allow Pioneers to open their onsite program this fall. 

If you have any questions regarding registration, please do not hesitate to contact our Pioneers Website administrator at or the Pioneers Director at and we will be happy to get back with you in a timely manner.

Thank you for your interest in the Pioneers Home School ministry.  We look forward to serving you in any way we can this year!

About Us

PIONEERS is a Christian homeschool co-op. While you do not have to be a Christian to take classes here, please know that our program is based on Judeo-Christian principles.

We meet three Wednesdays per month, for a total of 28 weeks, during the months of September through May. Classes are held at Ganson Street Baptist Church, 638 W. Ganson Street, in Jackson, MI. There are five class periods available for the 6th-12th grades. Weekly lesson plans which are provided by the tutor, are sent home to be accomplished by the student with little supervision from the parent.  We are a co-op, therefore parents are required to volunteer their time. (4-8 hours per year in the 6-12th grade level and a few hours each week at the younger, YP level.) We have several work times and dates available to work around the needs of your family.

If you are interested in becoming a member with our Wee PIONEERS, Young PIONEERS, or our PIONEERS Programs, please click on the "Contact Us" tab and complete the corresponding form.  Once received, a PIONEERS administration member will contact you in the near future. 

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