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Request Membership in Legacy Home Schools

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Membership in Legacy is open to persons who:

  • demonstrate a willingness to actively support and lovingly cooperate with the members of the Association as we work together to educate our children in a manner that is pleasing to God
  • currently homeschool at least one child abiding by South Carolina homeschool laws Please note that children enrolled in the South Carolina Virtual Charter Public school are not considered homeschooled students and are not eligible for membership in Legacy.
  • adhere to the Legacy Statement of Faith, Association Bylaws, and the Guidelines for Field Trips, Classes and Annual Standardized Testing
  • are members in good standing of a local Protestant church
  • commit to assist in at least one activity of the Association
  • pay the current annual dues ($30 for new members/$50 for current members). 

NOTE:  If you are renewing your membership, do not use this page.  Instead, use the "Membership Renewal" page link.


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