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Teacher Agreement

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If you would like to teach a class at CCHSA Co-op, you will need to submit this agreement to the Co-Op Leadership Team.

If my class is approved then I understand and accept the following responsibilities:
  1. To commit myself to the position of TEACHER for CCHSA Co-op.

  2. To NOT teach anything that would be in direct conflict with the CCHSA Statement of Faith or contrary to our host church beliefs. 

  3. To notify the appropriate staff person two weeks prior to the start of classes if unforeseen circumstances arise to prevent me from teaching the above class.

Each teacher at CCHSA Co-Op volunteers their time in the unique and exciting opportunity to help shape young lives. We ask that those who plan to teach a class read the basic doctrinal beliefs of the Christian faith on our Statement of Faith. Co-op leadership will review and approve all classes offered for the year.

By submitting your name below, you are indicating that you have read the above statements and agree to adhere to and follow them.

Please type your name below, followed by the date. (Ex. Sue Jones 6/23/2013)