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I want to join Heritage!

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Membership in Heritage Homeschool Friends includes access to the secure website and an open invitation to all of our field trips, group events, parties etc. Please know that some activities require additional fees.  We do our best to keep these costs as low as possible and to let you know of them well in advance.  

We request that our members actively work toward the betterment of our group by planning (or helping to plan) at least one gathering each year.  These could be field trips, park days, a Mom’s night out, etc.  Any member of the leadership team will be happy to help you plug in. 

Annual dues are $30 per family for Fall/Spring and $15 for Spring only.  

Heritage has adopted a paperless system so this registration process is your application.  Access to the website will be approved after your dues are recieved.  (Approval is a manual process and could take a couple of days.  Thank you for understanding.)



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