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How to Become a Member

Membership for the 2018-2019 school year is $100.00 per family and is due along with the membership application. 

Additional costs are incurred when if you register for classes. Class fees are $5 per student per class PLUS supply fees determined by each teacher.

For membership purposes, a family is defined as the parent(s) and their legal children.

Due to space limitations, at least one of your children must be in 1st grade or higher to qualify for membership. (If you do not meet this qualification, please consider participating in the Seedlings program at our "mother" organization Firmly Planted Homeschool Resource Center.

Steps for Membership

Step 1: Click on Request Membership to open the membership application.

Step 2: Complete the application. About 2/3 of the way down the application is an acknowledgement that you have read our Parent and Student Handbook. Please read the handbook carefully and then type your first and last name to indicate your agreement with our policies. After completing the full page of the application, click continue to send your application to us.

Step 3: Pay your membership dues via the PayPal link provided on the confirmation page of the application. We need the membership fees before you can register for classes.

If you prefer to mail us a check, checks should be made payable to and mailed to FC3E c/o of the Firmly Planted Resource Center at the address listed in the footer of our website.

Step 4: Receive a confirmation email once you've completed steps 1-3.

Step 5: Once your application is accepted, we will notify you and your login will be cleared to use the private portion of this website and register for classes.