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Our co-op offers a wonderful homeschool enrichment program that is centered around God’s Word and allows parents to teach a variety of classes to their own and other children. Typically, we meet for two semesters each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. This format assists parents as a true complement to their own homeschooling. It also allows our homeschool families to encourage and assist each other on their journeys to educate our children and strengthen our faith. Bible study for all ages and devotional times are a special part of each co-op day.

Since this co-op is organized as a cooperative effort, parents are encouraged to teach classes on subjects they enjoy and are passionate about. Cooking, art, history and archery are just a few examples of classes that have been taught in the past.

If you are currently homeschooling, then you have discovered something wonderful about your calling: You are a teacher! Teaching at the co-op is a great opportunity for you to bless your children and other children. Each semester you will have the chance to sign up to teach on a topic that interests you.

Due to COVID-19 our 2020 Fall Semester is canceled.

For more information check out the About Us link or email us at [email protected]