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Helpful Links

General Homeschool
Washington Homeschool Organization
The Washington Homeschool Organization (WHO) is a statewide, non-profit membership organization. Its mission is to serve the diverse interests of home-based education in Washington State. WHO is nonpartisan, nonsectarian, and non discriminating in its views of homeschooling and participation in its activities.
Methods of Homeschooling
This is a short list of some methods that homeschoolers use to teach their children.
Homeschool Discounts
Local stores offer discounts to homeschoolers.
Homeschool Legal Defense Association
HSLDA members receive unique services, special discounts, and personal advice to support and equip their family's homeschool program
Declaration of Intent
Info on how & whys of filing your declaration of intent.
Homeschool Laws
Need to review the homeschool laws for Washington state? Here is a great page for that.
Edugreat Testing/Evaluations
Edugreat offers testing right at our host church & other locations if needed. Testing is a few hours and you get to view the test booklets and test results afterward. Its a great way to get your yearly testing done quickly and efficiently!
Family Learning Organization--Yearly Testing
This is a great organization that many homeschool families use to complete their yearly testing to meet the WA state homeschool law requirements. Their tests are administered in the privacy (by you) of your own home.
Edugreat-Great Expectations
Edugreat offers a parent qualifying course for those parents that wish to homeschool but don't have the required college credits to do so. This is an awesome class even if you don't need to qualify or even if you are a seasoned homeschooler.
Qualifying Courses
OPTions for Parent Teachers
Another great parent qualifying course.
Able to Teach
Another great place to get your qualifying course.