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Late Registration and Class Changes

Late Registration and Class Changes Instructions

Below are important dates for the peak season of registration and fall orientation. On Fridays the Registrar will be available to assist you with registration changes during specific blocks (see newsletter for details). Please be sure to complete the Class Change Form for dropped or added classes and be ready to purchase your supplies via Paypal within one week of registering.

Registration inquires are welcomed via phone or email but all “real” changes will be made during Friday school during the specific blocks mentioned in our weekly newsletter, with the exception of May 17th. New families who wish to register will need to contact the Registrar directly to make an appointment. Note that registration is closed from May 23rd, 2019-September 1, 2019.

Schedule for add/drops:

  • May 3th and May 10th - Changes available.
  • No registration or class changes made on the last day of classes (May 17th) or on the Student Showcase Night (May 20st).
  • April 16th - May 23rd - New families or currently enrolled families who wish to make changes can do so by contacting the Registrar.
  • May 23rd - Registration closes for summer break.
  • September 1st - Re-opens.
  • September 1st-September 20th - New registering families or currently enrolled families wishing to make changes can do so on a first come first served basis.
  • September 20th - Registration closes. If you have a situation arise after September 28th where you need to drop a class for your child(ren), please contact the Registrar.