We are more than just a support group...

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AHSG Board 2021-2022

Board Meeting Dates (all are via Zoom)

  1. August 9 at 1pm
  2. November 8 at 1pm
  3. February 7 at 1pm
  4. May 9 at 1pm

Meeting Minutes

If you would like a copy of previous meetings' minutes, please contact our Secretary.

AHSG Volunteer Board of Directors

Arundel Homeschoolers Support Group business is managed by a group of volunteers who commit to serving the organization as leaders for a two-year term.  The Board meets quarterly and at other times when items arise needing attention.  The Board communicates through email, instant messaging, texting, and a private Facebook group. All Board members can be contacted through emailPlease allow 24-48 hours for a response.  If you do not receive a response, please contact another Board member.

Only Board of Directors need to agree with our Statement of Faith.

  • Rotation is for two (2) years 
  • The Treasurer  and at least 1 other Board Member needs to be at least 21 years of age
  • Some positions are open to under-aged adults/mature teens. This could be an ideal course, practical hands on experience, and great resume entries for juniors and seniors of homeschooling

Board Positions and Descriptions for 2021-2022

The following areas are chaired by current Board Members identified in the parenthesis following the description.  

Board Members serve in two-year terms with the possibility of extension for one year or a second two-year term.  Board Members must take a break from Board Member service after two consecutive two-year terms according to the bylaws.  The Board can consist of 3 to 11 Board Members in addition to committee chairs and coordinators as needed.

President The President is responsible for active management and direction of all the affairs of AHSG, Inc. Specifically, represents AHSG to the community, schedules and leads the Board meetings, and fosters community among Board Members and the organization at large. (Melissa)

Vice President The Vice President performs all the duties of the President in the President’s absence. The President and Vice President work closely with the Treasurer for the annual maintenance of the IRS non-profit status, liability insurance, and any other official paperwork. (Kamika)

Treasurer  The Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer of AHSG, Inc and has general supervision over its finances; manages membership payments; oversees the AHSG PayPal and bank accounts; makes reimbursements; and pays any bills AHSG incurs with approval of the Board. The Treasurer or designated assistant also works to keep IRS non-profit status, liability insurance, and any other official paperwork up to date and active. (Jessica)

Secretary The Secretary welcomes new and renewing members on social media; keeps and publishes Board meeting minutes; and answers all general inquiries directed to AHSG through email to [email protected]  The Secretary also keeps records of paperwork such as Board member contracts and partnership contracts. (Darlene)

Chairs, Coordinators, and Team Leaders

These activities do not have to be led by Board members.

Sunshine Chair develops AHSG's community by bringing to the Board's attention member families' needs and situations such as surgeries, births, catastrophes such as fires or storm damage, etc.; encouraging members with thoughtful notes from time to time; developing member events which focus on caring for members and their families. (Darlene)

Web Administrator keeps the website up to date, helps Board Members and members with using the website as needed, and works with our IT team at Homeschool-life for any troubleshooting of the website.  (Melissa)

Volunteer Chair coordinates members' volunteer choices and fulfillment. (Kamika)


  • The Treasurer  and at least 1 other Board Member needs to be at least 21 years of age.
  • All other positions are open to under-aged adults/mature teens. This could be an ideal course, practical hands on experience, and great resume entries for juniors and seniors of homeschooling.
  • Board Members meet once a quarter.
  • Board Members maintain communication with each other between meetings through Facebook Messenger, email, and texts/voice calls as needed.

Open Positions 2021-2022

  • 2021-2022 Board Member Assistants (year long with probability of becoming Board members for 2022-2023)
  • Members at Large These Board Members serve in areas that focus robotics, learning challenges and differences, age-specific groups such as elementary and teens, and interest-specific areas such as robotics. (Vacant)
  • Membership Chair promotes membership in AHSG, Inc. by answering inquiries about membership and welcoming members through email and social media posts. This person works closely with the Treasurer, Volunteer Coordinator, and Web Administrator to carry out the yearly membership drive for renewing and joining members. (Vacant)
  • Events Coordinator encourages and helps members to create events for the group; receives event information to create calendar events; and works closely with the Treasurer to ensure events have adequate funding, signup fees, and payments to venues.  (Vacant)

  • Fundraising Chair (year long or seasonal)
  • Graduation 2022 Chair (year long)
  • Homeschool Fair Representative (Seasonal or one-time event)
  • MySchool Representative/Data Entry Point of Contact (throughout the year)
  • Science Fair Chair (seasonal with preparation work)
  • Severna Park Bowling League Liaison (year long)
  • Sunshine Committee members (year long or seasonal)
  • Tween Events Coordinator (year long or seasonal)

Future Leadership

We welcome involvement and feedback from our member families.  If you are interested in assisting a current Board member and/or serving on the Board in the future, please contact our Secretary to discuss opportunities and ways to get involved so that AHSG continues to serve the Maryland homeschool community.

This information was updated August 17, 2021.