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Homeschool Science Fair

The Science Fair is almost here! Last minute details are at the top of the page here for your convenience.

Schedule of Events

9:00 am Participants Check-in

10:00 am Judging for all grade levels.
Non-participants should go to the three rooms downstairs marked for families to hang out during judging. Please no families in the exhibit area during judging. Exception: Participants may be accompanied by one adult during judging if needed.

12:00 noon Judges tally results. Participants and families may eat the lunches they brought in the three downstairs rooms OR go out to eat and return before 1 pm.

1:00 pm Awards ceremony.

1:30 pm Project displays open for public viewing.

3:00 pm Cleanup by everyone participating.

How to get there, and what to do when you arrive:

Location: Grace Lutheran Church (Ericksen Hall), 2503 Belair Drive, Bowie, MD 20715

· Participants should park at the back of the building, and will use the yellow entrance in the back. There are multiple yellow entrances. You want the one that is set down a long walkway and is near the playground (see the image for details). This lets you enter the exhibit area directly.

· Judges and visitors will use the red entrance in the front.

· When you arrive, go to the check in area and you will be directed to your table to set up.

· Note: Grace Lutheran Church is kind enough to let us use their facility. Please be courteous and take care of the property. Also please note that only the areas designated for the science fair are to be used. All other areas are off limits, so please do not allow your children to wander through the entire building.

· A separate room will be provided for families to eat away from the science projects and judging.

General Notes:

· It may be helpful to bring a kit of general supplies to have on hand in case you need them for repairing your display. For example, glue or tape, markers, etc.

· We ask everyone to help clean up all used areas before leaving.

· Don’t forget to pack your lunch!

· Don’t forget your project display board and report! Please refer to the guidebook and judging forms to be sure that you have brought everything needed for your project type.

Science Fair Program:
You can download a copy of the science fair program HERE.

We are excited to show you the results of all our planning and preparation.
Basic details are on this page, but to fully complete your project you will need to read the Science Fair Guidebook.

When and Where will the Science Fair Happen?

The Homeschool Science Fair will be held from 9am-3pm on February 25, 2023 at Grace Lutheran Church 2503 Belair Dr. Bowie, MD 20715.

It is open to ALL Maryland homeschool students in grades K-12. Divisions are K-2, 2-5, 6-8, and 9-12 grades.

What makes the AHSG Science Fair Different from other Science Fairs?

Unlike many other science fairs, participants aren't limited to experiments. There are six total categories available. Apparatus, Collections, Demonstration,  Engineering Design, Experiments, and Research projects are available.

Students will be judged on their own merits, based on how well they completed their project. The award that they receive (Bronze, Silver, or Gold) will be determined by how well they understand the science and how well they followed the project guidelines. Full details of what is required are available before you even register.

And of course, the AHSG Science Fair is only open to homeschooled students.


How Can I Register for the Science Fair?

To participate in the 2023 AHSG Science Fair, participants should follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Registration Form by January 28, 2023.
    New this year: registration only indicates a desire to participate. Information on the category and topic of the student’s project will be gathered later.
  2. Pay registration fees. You should be prompted to do this at the end of the registration form (links above).
    • Payments must be received during registration.
    • In most cases, these fees will be non-refundable, as the money is used for purchasing awards and paying for science fair expenses. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis only. If the student is unable to attend the science fair for judging (due to illness, weather, or any other reason), the student will have an option for virtual judging at a later date.
  3. Complete the Project Selection Form. A link to this form is at the bottom of your registration confirmation email.
    This will be due approximately one month prior to the science fair. At this point, the student should have already been working on their project and be able to provide information on the project category as well as a name for the project. (Preferred to have this completed by February 4th, 2023.)
    • Complete and submit the Human/Animal Project Certification Form (if applicable). Only students with human or animal subjects in their experiment are required to fill out this simple form. Details are in the Guidebook. 
  4. Complete your science project, following project guidelines in the Guidebook.
  5. Be available and ready to present projects in person on the date of the Science Fair.


What Else Do I Need To Know?

All details about the science fair including category requirements and judging forms can be found on our brand new AHSG Homeschool Science Fair Guidebook. We have worked really hard in order to make this document a great resource for your science fair project, so please take the time to read it. It contains information on how to start your project, what to bring,

The Guidebook includes the judging forms, but if you want to see them full-size, the judging forms are also available separately.


Are visitors allowed?

Yes, visitors are welcome! Be aware that during judging itself, (10am-12pm) non-participants are asked to leave the display area, so visitors are suggested to attend during the award ceremony and immediately afterwards (from about 1pm-3pm) in order to view the final projects.



Thank you so much!
If you have any questions, you can reach us at ahsgsciencefair@gmail.com.

-Your 2023 Science Fair Co-Chairs: Kris Mayo and Hannah Sheldon

(Oh, and did we mention to check out the guidebook?)


File Downloads

Download the Guidebook.
Download ONLY the Judging Forms.
Download additional copies of the Human/Animal Project Certification Form
. (For projects with human or animal subjects. Only one per project is needed.)
Download additional copies of the Human Participant Consent Form. (For projects with human subjects, one per human subject is needed.)

You can also pass along flyers with the science fair information to any other homeschoolers who might be interested.
Download Flyer as PDF
Download Flyer as JPG


(image courtesy of Freepik.com)