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COVID-19 Waiver

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Please type your name (first and last) as you entered when you joined AHSG.

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Please type the full names of your immediate family members who may participate in AHSG events in the coming year to which this waiver will apply.

When my family participates in in-person activities and events hosted by volunteer member families or partner businesses for Arundel Homeschoolers Support Group (AHSG), we acknowledge that volunteers, partner businesses, and AHSG will do everything reasonably possible for such an organization during the Covid19 pandemic to protect the public, participants, guests, and volunteers. 

We agree while we are at in-person activities or events that we will follow Center of Disease Control (CDC), local health district guidelines, and AHSG policies and procedures to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

We expect that guidelines will be communicated at event and activity signup, and any changes to the guidelines will be communicated before the event or activity within a reasonable timeframe so that we can comply with the guidelines.

We understand that some of the guidelines that we will be asked to follow may include the following:

  • checking body temperatures before attending an event or activity,
  • wearing a face covering at indoor events and activities,
  • using sanitizer and/or wash hands before, during, and after the event or activity,
  • avoiding activities and events if anyone in my family is not feeling well or has known COVID-19 symptoms (including a fever, cough, sore throat, loss of smell or taste senses, etc.),
  • avoiding sneezing or coughing on others when possible, and
  • wearing gloves.

We understand that there is no medical health coverage afforded to me during my participation in and/or hosting events with AHSG. AHSG is not responsible for any potential exposure to COVID-19 or any medical costs related to treatment of our becoming infected with COVID-19.

We understand that our failure to comply with health guidelines or verbal instructions given before or during the activity or event by host(s) and facility operators may result in our being unable to participate in future activities. We may be asked to leave the event if guidelines are not being followed.

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Agreement/Disagreement with Waiver Selection