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HHE Co-op Information

Membership to HHE offers families the opportunity to supplement their homeschool curriculum with academic and enrichment classes by enrolling in Co-op.

The group meets on Monday's in Hartsville for 15 weeks each semester.  Students are encouraged in a Biblical world view and are given opportunities not only academic in nature, but spiritual, social and emotional.  

Parents share homeschooling concepts, special skills and talents, and various curriculum as they teach the students at co-op.  Families serve within HHE Co-op in a spirit of unity and cooperation. 

Everyone involved in co-op has the opportunity for growth and encouragement through the experience of parents and students alike. It’s co-operative teaching and learning! Responsibilities are shared equally in order for co-op to function at its optimum. Unlike public and private schools, parents do not drop off students for the day, but remain at co-op as an integral part of their education and that of other students.

When each member uses their time, talent and energy to help the co-op run smoothly, we all enjoy the blessing.

This cooperative serves to augment, not replace, the home-based instruction already being given to the children by the parents at home.

Co-op is not an accredited school and only operates with the cooperative effort of the parent. The parent retains ALL responsibility for the educational outcome of the child and the fulfillment of the South Carolina State law requirements for home-based instruction. While many co-op teachers provide grades for completed work, it is ultimately the parent's responsibility to determine what the child has learned in the grade assigned.

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