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2018-2019 Co-op Session Registration will begin August 10, 2018!!!


Welcome to the Homeschooling Together Co-op. Homeschooling Together is a homeschool group, based out of Gloucester, that is open and welcome to all homeschool families in the area, in and out of the middle peninsula. The Homeschooling Together Co-op is merely an extension of this group, offering exceptional classes for our homeschool students.

By participating in the co-op, the classes have been set up to help further the educational success and growth of our children. We all want our children to be able to learn everything they can and to be able to grow and do anything they would like to accomplish in life, and with this co-op it is the hope of the coordinator, teachers, and parents that we are all able to offer a high level of quality, demanding, and fun education to our children.

What is a Co-Op? A homeschool co-op is a Cooperative of like-minded homeschoolers that collectively provide resources to the group which results in a greater educational benefit to the participating families and students than can be achieved as a single family unit or individual student. In order to succeed, ALL members must participate at an expected level. The coordinators do not provide the co-op without the members; they merely facilitate the organizing of the co-op lab offerings and schedule. So, a co-op is just that – cooperation of all members.

This handbook is intended to provide the co-op members and prospective members with the information needed to know their responsibilities to the co-op and expected behaviors. Members should read it carefully and keep it handy to refer to as needed.

* Eta Sigma Alpha National Home School Honor Society - The co-op is a member of the national home school society, with students who can participate yearly.

* President's Volunteer Service Award - The co-op is an active participant of the President's Volunteer Service Award. Students can submit their volunteer service yearly through the co-op for this award.

* Presidential Physical Fitness Program - The co-op is a participant in the Presidential Physical Fitness Program. Students can earn certificates and medals by accomplishing certain fitness goals.

*** All students participating in the co-op are eligible to see if they qualify to participate in these extra programs.

Co-op Financial Obligations

I have been getting a lot of emails regarding the costs involved in the co-op, and to help answer all these questions, I am going to try to condense everything here for everyone. Essentially there is a registration fee for the year, the monthly tuition fee do to each teacher, and a material fee for each semester. Therefore, this is how it breaks down:

- Due when you sign up for classes (before classes begin) - $35 registration fee per student. This $35 registration fee is due at the beginning of the year and again in December for spring semester. This registration fee covers the building rent and the cost of operating the co-op website. The co-op registration is written to the homeschool group, Homeschooling Together. Co-op meets at Bridgepoint Church, on Harcum Road in Gloucester. 

- Tuition - Each class you register your child for cost $20 per month. Tuition is due the first Thursday of each month, and is written directly to each teacher. There will be a file folder at the front entrance with each teacher's name on it to put your checks in. If you would like to pay another way (cash, paypal, etc please discuss this with your teacher).  Therefore, the first tuition payments are due the first week of September.

- Materials Fee - Each class has a "semester" materials fee. This fee is due on the first day of classes in September and the first day of classes in January. This fee covers the cost of supplies needed in the classes. For example, copies, paint, manipulatives, etc, etc. Again, this payment is written out directly to each teacher and put in with your tuition payments in the file folder.

How to Register for Classes

1. To register, once you log in, go to class registration, click on the class you would like to register in, then click each child's name, and hit "add to cart."

2. After you have registered for all of your classes you will see different dollar amounts in your cart, no co-op payments are made online. All co-op payments are made on the first day of co-op in September.

3. Your cart will show the monthly amount for each class, plus the semester materials fee. So, please ignore the totals in your cart.

4. The fees break down as follows:

- each class is $20 a month, broken into 3 payments each semester (Sept, Oct, Nov, no payment for Dec). Second semester (Jan, Feb, March, no payment for April).

- each class has a semester materials fee. This fee is payable in Sept and January, and the teacher uses these funds to buy supplies needed for the class.

- There is a $35 registration fee per semester. This fee is payable in September and December. This pays for co-op building rent and website usage. 

Again, welcome to the Homeschooling Together Co-op and we thoroughly look forward to having you and your children join us for co-op this upcoming school year!