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Submit C.L.A.S.S. Day Offering

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This form is to be used by a teacher wishing to submit a class offering for a Co-op Session.

If you have questions regarding this form, please contact the academic director at [email protected]

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Proposed Class Title:  (Use a title that will grab attention.  It will encourage people to consider your class. Catchier is Better!)

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I would like to teach this class in the following session(s):

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Fall Session Spring Session
All Year
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This class is appropriate for the following age group(s):

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Preschool Sixth - Eighth Grade
Kindergarten - Second Grade Ninth - Twelfth Grade
Third - Fifth Grade

Curriculum Used:


Please list the text book(s) the student would be required to purchase:


IF the student is required to purchase a text book, please enter the ISBN number here.  (This is best used when a specific edition is required.)

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In order for this class to be offered, what it is minimum number of students required?

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To facilitate planning, my student minimum must be met by the following date:

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In order for this class to have maximum effectiveness, what is the maximum number of students for this class?

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Please enter a full description of the class.  (The more enthusiasm you can infuse, the more students you will attract.   - But don't promise Elephant Rides, unless you can deliver...)


Please list any supplies the student should bring with them to class:

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Do you wish to attach a course Syllabus for your students and their parents? (If yes, please email the syllabus to [email protected])

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If there are any Teacher purchased supplies for which you will request reimbursement, please provide a list and price per student estimate.


Please list any equipment that would be required in the classroom.  (ex. Whiteboard, DVD player, Television, etc)

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Name of Instuctor:


IF you have already recruited a Co-Teacher, please enter his/her name here: