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2017-2018 Class Schedule (Updated)



Pre Grammar and Grammar Stages





We see these years as a wonderful time of exploration, exposure to great literature or "living books," and the building of a lifestyle of learning as a family.  Children at this age are most receptive to acquiring virtuous habits of learning that will serve the rest of their lives. This enrichement program will be intentional about cultivating virtues of humility, courage, constancy,and temperance as well as providing time for parallel and joint play, imaginative play, discovery and observation, while emersing them in a language-based unit style study.



This stage trains the child on the "language" of the subjects.  It is both a whole-to-parts (general information learning) and a parts-to-whole (skill training) forms of instruction so that they can use their main style of learning, that of observation, to learn the vocabulary, rules, and the subject's function.  In simple terms, it is the gathering of the raw materials.  More importantly, its focus is to train the child in identifying right and wrong, and the outcomes that may happen with each.  Further, its goal is to introduce the child to who God is and what He has done for us.  It is the departing of the knowledge of our Creator and Redeemer.  Students at this age also learn naturally and with delight by means of songs and chants.  They will learn the viture of working wisely and well, but without exhaustion.  The focus is on reading, writing, and arithmetic.  Additional study in music, art, and science (nature) will serve to delight but not overwhelm.  The study of Latin vocabulary will also be introduced as this is the best developmental time to develop such skills.


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