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2019-2020 Crown Monday Class Day Teacher Form

* indicates a required answer.

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I have read Crown's Statement of Faith, and by typing my name, I am stating that I agree to teach in accordance to this Statement of Faith.


I have read Crown's Monday Class Day Instructor Guidelines and Responsibilities and agree to adhere to all of the policies in the Instructor Guidelines. 

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Name of class/Possible class to teach (if you plan to teach more than one class, please fill out a form for each class):

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Grade range:


If you would like to establish a minimum age for your class, what is it?


Length of class:

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55 min. (most classes) 1:25 hours
1:55 hours
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Instructor Name:

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Curriculum Used:

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Materials/Books student needs to purchase:


ISBN if applicable:


I understand all classes are 30 weeks:

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COURSE DESCRIPTION - As you would like it to appear on the Class Registration page.

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Please type your detailed course description that will be displayed for registration:

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How do you plan to teach the class?


Minutes per day of homework:


Instructor is available during the week for questions via:

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Email Phone

FOR ADMIN USE:  Include in course description section the following:  Tuition is $___/semester and/or $___/year.   Also, include any deposit amount due.



Max Students:

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Min. Students:


Minimum number of students must be reached by this date:


I understand that I am required to pay Crown Homeschool Community the classroom rental fee of $12 per student per semester based on the finalized class roster. Each semester the payment is due on the first day of class. 

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Class fee per student, per semester:

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I understand (please initial below) that I am responsible to collect and families are required to pay a non-refundable $50 Class Reservation Deposit by June 1st in order to reserve their child’s spot in my class. This deposit will be deducted from the class fee. If they are a charter family, the deposit will be returned when I receive documentation of their purchase order. Example: Total class fee is $200, less a $50 deposit.  Total amount due on 1st day of class is $150. 


Payment for class fees will be accepted by (please check all that apply):

Paypal Venmo
Charter Funds Credit Card
Check Cash

Do you accept Charter funds? If not, skip to #28.

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If so, which Charter Schools are you a vendor for? 

Inspire iLead
Valiant Sky Mountain
Excel Julian
Sage Oak National University Academy
Compass Summit Academy
Dehesa Empire Springs
Harbor Springs Citrus Springs
River Springs Other

Please indicate which other Charters you are a vendor for.


If you are not a Charter vendor, please fill out the following:

I agree to submit a background check (please click the link) as required. 

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Specialty items needed, i.e,, DVD, whiteboard, T.V., projector:


Times available for teaching your class (choose as many times as possible):

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9:00-10:00 10:00-11:00
11:00-12:00 12:00-1:00
1:00-2:00 2:00-3:00

Comments about the schedule or any special requests related to teaching schedule:


I am agreeing to teach the specified # of weeks above (30) for the upcoming school year.

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If for some reason I need to miss a class, I will let Crown leadership know in advance or timely manner and supply an approved substitute or make other arrangements with Crown leadership (emergencies are an exception).

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If I miss a class, I will provide a make-up class OR I will provide a refund for classes missed.  Make-up class must be at an agreeable date, time and location for students or I will need to provide a refund for those families who could not find an agreeable time with their schedule.

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General comments: