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Co-op FAQ's



“What type of co-op is CMH?”

CMH co-op is a group of homeschooling families that work together, meeting weekly for educational enrichment classes. Our classes are planned, organized and developed by CMH parents and are based on the interests of the children and parents. These classes are used by families to enrich and enhance the main educational subjects parents are teaching at home with their children. Each semester, the class opportunities are as unique as the families who create them. 


“Are classes offered for all ages?”

Yes!  We offer classes for children from K through high school.  We also have a nursery and preschool available. Each semester the ages of the students is evaluated to be able to provide each participating student access to co-op classes.


“Do I have to use a certain curriculum or method of homeschooling in my co-op class?”

Absolutely not. It is left to the teachers/parents to decide what type of class they want to create at CMH and what method they would like to use to teach it. You will have an opportunity at the co-op end of the year party to showcase what the students have learned in their classes.   

“What if my child works above or below grade level?  How do I pick which classes are right for my child?”

All of the classes are listed in age ranges are meant as a guideline. If your child is advanced academically, but not socially, it might be best to keep them in their age group. If you are unsure about a class, please contact the teacher about any questions you may have. The teachers will have the final say on what ages they would like in their class and be able to determine whether or not the class will be a good fit for your child.