Christian Military Homeschoolers of San Diego Christian Military Homeschoolers of San Diego Christian Military Homeschoolers of San Diego

Group By-Laws

Name: Christian Military Homeschoolers of San Diego

Purpose: To support Christian military homeschoolers in the San Diego area by hosting various activities for homeschooled children and their parents.

Location: San Diego, CA

Fiscal Year: August-July

Qualification of Members: US military families from any branch (Navy, Army, Coast Guard, etc.) who homeschool their children or who are interested in homeschooling.  Members may be from any Christian denomination.   

Member Requirements:
-Pay yearly membership donation 
-Acknowledge (read) statement of faith and agree not to teach against it
-Commit to one park day a month
-Join a commitee or be a board member

*All events are open to members only unless otherwise stated.  The 1st park day of the month (Miramar) is open to interested potential members.

Board Member Requirement:
-Homeschooling at least one year
-Agree with statement of faith
-Support of spouse
Board members are appointed by current board

Board Positions: At least 3 required, may hold position three years
*Vote from current board required to hold position over three years.  Current board may vote any board member out with good cause and a majority vote.  

Director - Presides over all business meetings, oversees internal workings and needs of the homeschool group as well as the co-op.  Makes final decisions regarding the group.  Plans homeschool meetings, business meetings, and other events as needed.   

Assistant Director - Takes the place of the director when she is absent.  Works with the director in planning and organizing the homeschool group.  In charge of volunteer commitees.  May have other duties as assigned by the director.  Monthly board meeting required.

Co-op Director - Works with the director in organizing co-op.  Helps set up schedule, makes sure co-op starts and ends on time, runs smoothly, helps assign teachers and rooms, deals with substitutes and changes, checks in on the classrooms and is available for answering questions during co-op.  Meets with the director after co-op to help make decisions regarding co-op and discuss any problems.  Monthly board meeting required.  *Co-op Director can not teach, but will help with the supporting roles.  

Treasurer - Maintains current membership records (in relation to fees). Receives fees, disburses payments, and provides an accounting of transaction activity at each business meeting.  Responsible for setting up the group budget and overseeing the group's bank & paypal accounts.  Files the 990N each year.  Pays for the group website.  A new treasurer must have 3 personal references and be able to handle money well.  Must be familiar with paypal and establishing a bank account.  May have other duties as assigned by director.  Monthly board meeting required.

Administrative Assistant - Take notes at the board meeeting and posts on the website for members view within one week of meeting.  Maintains current roster.  Helps with group participation and discussion.  Helps run support meetings and in charge of Information Table.  May have other duties as assigned by the director. Monthly board meeting required. 

Board Meetings: Held each month at time planned by the board.

Tax Status: The group is a tax exempt 501(c)(7) Social Club.  We cannot offer tax deductions for donations and no more than 35% of our funding can come from fund raising.  

Revised 4/19/15