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Join CMH!

We would love to have you join us! Please click on the 'Request Membership' link (in the top right header), and fill out an application to join us any time of year.  Membership is only $20 a year!  

What do we expect of members?

All members must agree to devote some of their time to the success of the group. We ask that you either sit on a board position or sit on the Events Committee (or both!).

Obviously, the active participation of our members is what determines the level of greatness of CMH. We are all busy homeschooling parents, often first time homeschoolers, and sometimes new to the area or going through a deployment, this group is designed to be a support and blessing so the commitment levels are designed to take that into consideration. 

Below is a list of the currently open board positions and their job descriptions. (We have also included a brief description of what the Events Committee does.) We have provided an estimated amount of time each position has devoted in the past to help aid you in choosing where to share your talents and gifts.

Please prayerfully consider these positions and then sign up on the website so that we can begin planning for upcoming events and meetings!


BOARD MEMBER POSITIONS:  (All board positions require attendance to all board meetings, at most, once a month.) 

Director:  Presides over all business meetings, oversees internal workings and needs of the home school group and co-op to ensure that the needs of the group are being met and the statement of faith is followed and exemplified. Makes all final decisions regarding the direction of the group and handles all complaints and/or disputes in accordance with Matthew 18:15-17, Philippians 2:1-8 and 2 Timothy 2:24-26.   

Assistant Director: Person will attend board meetings, take notes and prepare the official minutes for the meeting. This position will also be required to follow up on the tasks assigned at the meetings to make sure they are complete. This will require attendance to all board meetings, at least once a month, and a few extra hours each month from home for document preparation and follow ups. (Maybe 3-4 hours/mos. + meeting.) CURRENTLY OPEN.

Treasurer: Will have access to the bank account and Paypal accounts to ensure proper collection and disbursement of all monies, and sending of required notices. Files the 990N each year with the IRS.  A new treasurer must have 3 personal references and be comfortable handling money and using computer apps/programs, and be able to provide financial reports when asked by the Board. (Maybe 2 hours/mos. + meeting.) CURRENTLY OPEN.

Publicity:  Position requires an active attempt to recruit or publicize the group to potential members and create fliers and/or signs for the group. (Maybe 2-3 hours/mos. + meeting.) CURRENTLY OPEN.

Committee Chairman: Person will be in charge of coordinating the different committee members into the available committees and delegating the tasks of each committee. Position will be the mediator for the committee members and the Board and will report of any current or upcoming events assigned to the committees. (Maybe 3-4 hours/mos. + meeting.) CURRENTLY OPEN.

Co-op Director: This person will be required to run the co-op. They will be responsible for coordinating the rooster of participating families, creating class schedules, and ensuring that co-op days run according to the pre-determined schedule. This position will be required to attend board meetings during regularly scheduled co-op months and at least one month prior to the co-op start day for planning purposes. Will also be in charge of the Information Box. (Maybe 3-4 hours/mos. + meeting.) CURRENTLY OPEN.



Holiday Parties/Events: As a committee, you will help plan, coordinate and prepare for our holiday parties and events, such as Mom’s Night Out and any other social event the committee desires to undertake, such as field trip opportunities. (“Holidays” is to mean federally recognized holidays.) You are not required to help plan every event we have, if you would like to plan a specific event, you may discuss that with the Committee Chairman.