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Co-op Handbook-Public View

*Please also read the 'Code of Conduct' for CMH

Registration Process

1. Attend the information meeting 
-Sign up as a lead teacher and assistant (or two lead positions)
-Sign the co-op policy handbook, commitment form, and complete a background check

*If you miss the meeting you can still register as a teacher with the co-op director if you are before the deadline

2.  Attend Indoc. (Open House)

3. Register Online
-Pay close attention to registration dates.
-Registration after the closing date will only be allowed by new families, if there is space available, and at the teachers discretion.
-Minimum class size is two students, maximum is twelve. 
-Previously enrolled students will get priority registration. 

Co-op Fees

-There is no extra charge for joining co-op
-The supply fee is a one time fee for that class, set by the teacher and only covers the cost of the class supplies.   
-Fees for supplies must be paid at the time of registration.  
-Supply fees are non refundable.  Please ask questions before you register!

Dropping Out/Withdrawals

-When you join co-op you are committing to attend and teach for a 12 week semester.  
-Since we are 100% parent run, it greatly affects the co-op when teachers or co-teachers leave.
-If you drop out of co-op after signing your commitment form you will be charged a $50 penalty fee and be responsible for all supply fees if you have already registered. This fee will be waived in the case of military orders, sudden deployments, or family emergencies. 

Responsibilities of Parents/Teachers

-We are not a drop-off co-op; the parent is to be on site at all times and to help the co-op by teaching and assisting.
-In the case of sudden illness or emergency, it is your responsibility to notify the director as soon as possible and to have a substitute plan in place. 
-You may also have a supporting role in co-op (clean up, set up, etc.)

As teachers, please follow these guidelines:
1. Be punctual. Please come to Quarters (Assembly) on time, important announcements will be made during this time.  In your classroom, start on time and end on time.  Give yourself a few minutes to clean up and transition.
2. Be prepared for class, teach to the best of your ability and take joy in what you do.

4. Keep an up to date list of enrolled students (roster).
5. Be willing to communicate with parents regarding their child’s progress and behavior while in your class.
6. Check your parent folder at the beginning and end of each day and your child’s backpack at the end of each day.


-Assistants will meet with the teachers they are assigned to and discuss how they can best help.  


Responsibilities of Children/Students

-Students are expected to attend all classes in which they are enrolled.
-Students should be in class, with their parent or in social/study hall.
-Students are expected to be in class on time and prepared.  
-Please talk to your child about respecting their teacher and others.  
-Please let teachers know when a student is going to be absent.

Please share these rules with your children:

1. Honor parents and teachers by addressing them as Ms., Mrs., Mr. etc.
2. No gum, food, or drinks allowed in classrooms (fellowship hall is exempt)
3. Raise your hand in class (do not speak when the teacher is speaking)
4. Refrain from disruptive behavior 
5. Be respectful of others space (no pushing or hands on another person)


Lunch Time/Break

-Please pack sack lunches for your whole family and keep them with you. 
-If you must bring a refrigerated item please keep it in a marked container and remember to take it home.  Left items will be thrown away. 
-A microwave is available for parents use only.  Most days we will be eating in the fellowship hall or outside circle. 
-Please supervise your child at all times at lunch.  
-Instruct children to eat their food, clean up their mess and then they may go outside to play. 
-The playground is available for use after lunch.  Please keep an eye on your children while on the playground.  Children are not allowed to play in the parking lot. 


-After Quarters (Morning Assembly), please have your children walk themselves to class if possible.  
-Please instruct older children to quietly line up outside the door until their teacher is available. 
-Parents please round up your children after lunch so that the teachers don't have to collect them
-At dismissal, the teachers will bring the children to the fellowship hall or playground for pick up.


Allergies/Special Needs 

-Please notify your students teachers of any allergies.  
-During Indoc. (Open House) please fill out an allergy form for your child. If your child has a food allergy we will try to maintain an environment free of that food.
-Many times a class will include a snack.  If your child has a specific food intolerance or dietary need, the parent will need to provide a substitute snack.
-Teachers can not distribute medicine or inhalers to any child.    
-Special needs children are encouraged to be in the same classroom as their parent when possible.
-If your child has emotional, education, or developmental delays please inform their teachers.  
-You may be asked to come get your child from class if they are having a hard time.  You’re welcome to keep your children with you in class.  


Disciplinary Issues 

-For any child having a difficult time, a warning will be given. If the behavior continues, a time out (away from other kids) with the co-op director, might be needed.
-If a student continues to show disrespect after his/her time out, then the parent will be notified and must keep the child with them for the remainder of the day. 
-In repeated cases, the teacher has the right to have the student removed from the class permanently.


Toys/Electronic Devices

-Students should not use any kind of electronic devices (cell phone, ipod, etc.) in class (except for instructional purposes) and should have cell phones turned off or set to silent. A student who uses a device inappropriately may have it confiscated and given to his/her parent.
-Please do not bring toys to co-op. 
-CMH is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. 
-Nursery children may bring a labeled blanket or stuffy.


Set up/Clean up

-Teachers and assistants are responsible for setting up and cleaning up their individual classrooms. 
-Clean up includes returning classrooms to their original arrangement, cleaning white boards, wiping down tables and picking up the floor. 
-In the nursery this includes wiping down toys and the changing area with disinfectant wipes and vaccumming.
-Please allow yourself five minutes before class to set up and five minutes after class to clean up.  Involve the children in clean up.
-Set up and clean up have checklists which must be initialed and turned in every week to the co-op director.


Evacuation Procedures

-Teachers will be responsible for safely guiding their students to an exit door nearest to their classroom location in an emergency.
-The teacher should take her roster and make sure she has all students before leaving.  
-Each teacher is responsible to move his/her students to a safe location away from the building. If able, it is recommended that students gather in the parking lot on the YMCA side.
-Once the class reaches a safe location, a verbal roll should be taken and students kept in that location until a parent is able to pick them up.  
-Parents, please do not remove your child from the teacher’s care until the above procedures have been followed. 



-It is expected that all members are military and covered under Tricare.    
-You will be liable for any damage by you or your children to Chapel or CMH property.
-A background check is completed for every parent who participates in co-op.  
-If a young child (under age 8) needs to use the restroom, have a co-teacher or assistant take them or have them go with a friend.
-The door to the restroom must be propped open if a child is inside with an adult other then the parent. 
-Please take your children to the restroom before co-op and during lunch to help minimize restroom trips during class. 
-A first aid kit is available in the fellowship hall.  Minor injuries will be attended to by the teacher/assistant (washed/bandaged/etc.).  The parent will be notified immediatly in the case of a major injury.  


Off Limit Areas

-Please stay within the areas used by CMH.   Many times a retirement ceremony or memorial service is going on in the Chapel area.  The Chapel is off limits during these times and children should avoid the front lobby if possible.
-Chapel offices are right next to the classrooms.  Please be respectful and quiet.
-Wondering the halls is not permitted. 


08/19/2015  These policies may be amended as needed.