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Membership Requirements
-Membership is open to military families.  Active duty, retired or reserves of any military branch are eligible.
-Families must be homeschooling at least one child.  Definition of homeschooling for CMH purposes is if a parent is teaching a child at home more than 50% of the time.
-Families must agree to respect the CMH 'Statement of Faith' and not teach anything contrary to it.  Some events will include prayer.

Member Responsibilities
All members will be asked to make a donation of $20 a year to go towards our website, expenses and party fund.
-Members will committee to joining a committee or be a board member serving for one school year term.
-Members must be willing to be active partipants, involving themselves in discussions, attending events when they are able and desiring to fellowship with other homeschooling families.

*This may not be the best group for those interested in homeschooling or looking for information about homeschooling, but not yet doing so.  We would be happy to recommend another group for you.

Membership is a 3 step process

1. Filling Out Membership Form 
2. Paying Membership Fee (Paypal)
3. Interview with a Board Member (to go over policies, see how we can best help you, etc.)

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