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Course Progressions

Class sequence is recommended but not required, unless prerequisites must be met.

Writing Class Progression

5th-6th Grade Language Arts: Writing A/B (Alternate Years)

Writing I (Labeled Writing Fundamentals in 2019-20)

Writing II (Labeled Writing I in 2019-20)

Writing III (Labeled Writing II in 2019-20)

Writing IV (Labeled Writing III in 2019-20)

Advanced level classes alternate among the following three with one taught each year. Students are encouraged to complete the progression.

World Literature

American Literature

British Literature


History Class Progression

Ancient History

Medieval History

World Geography

World History

U.S. History

American Government


Science Class Progression

General Science

Physical Science with Lab

Biology with Lab

Chemistry with Lab

Apologia Advanced Science with Lab (possibly Anatomy & Physiology or Physics)