Mr. William McGee To All Instructors

Will McGee, a dedicated martial arts enthusiast since 1994, is the owner of Rise Training Center. Holding a prestigious 6th-degree black belt in karate from Okinawa, Will represented the United States in three world championships, where he won gold, silver, and bronze medals. An advocate for constant growth, both professionally and personally, Will has trained multiple times in Okinawa, honing his martial arts skills and developing a deep-rooted love for the discipline. That led him to Krav Maga in 2002, and he earned his instructor’s certification in the discipline. He also earned his Personal Training Certification from the American Council of Exercise. This, coupled with his diverse martial arts background, allows Will to create dynamic, effective training programs through Krav Maga, Kickboxing, and other fitness classes for all skill levels.Rise Training Center is a testament to Will's ongoing journey and commitment to empowering others through self-defense and/or fitness. With an unwavering belief in hard work and personal growth, Will motivates his students to continuously push their boundaries and turn challenges into opportunities. At Rise Training Center, Will believes every challenge and adversity someone faces is a chance to rise.  This will be Will's sixth year teaching at Learning Station. (Revised for 2024-25).

Current Classes
Krav Maga – Instructor (open)