Mrs. Laura Fahnestock To All Instructors

Raised on a dairy farm in Manheim and on the cusp of graduating from high school, Laura couldn’t understand why her dad didn’t want her to plunge headlong into debt at the local university with an undeclared major. This sage fatherly advice led to a year of volunteer missionary work in Estado de Mexico, Mexico and subsequently fueled Laura’s love of the Hispanic culture and language. After returning from Mexico with renewed vision, Laura attended Millersville University (with the blessing of aforementioned father) and double majored in English and Spanish education with a concentration in English as a Second Language. She wrangled 7th grade ESL students in the School District of Lancaster for 3 years before her oldest son was born. Laura taught Spanish at MACH until she started homeschooling her own children. Laura, her husband Dave, and their 6 children labor to maintain Hands on the Earth Orchard in Brickerville. (Dave does the work, Laura keeps the house from imploding and the children from starving.) A lover of books and a theology nerd, Laura finds great joy in baking, pasta making, and schooling her children in the swoon-worthiness of authentic Mexican tacos. This will be Laura's seventh year teaching at Learning Station. (Updated for 2024-25)

Current Classes
Spanish I* – Instructor (canceled)
Exploring Logical Fallacies* – Classroom Assistant (open)
Foundations of Personal Finance* – Classroom Assistant (open)