Mrs. Miriam Bowers To All Instructors

Miriam Bowers grew up in Lititz and now lives three blocks away from her childhood home with her husband, Steve, and her children, Paul and Paige. She went to college with an English scholarship and majored in Business and Psychology. After graduation, she worked as a marketing director and a preschool teacher before landing her dream job: homeschool mom! She babysits almost every day, so there is usually a bonus infant on her hip, too. In her free time, she loves to read, crochet, and talk theology with her husband. She’s also a fan of chocolate, The Office, Alexandre Dumas, and the Oxford comma.  This will be her third year teaching at Learning Station.  (Edited for 2024-25.)

Current Classes
Examining the Great Ideas of C.S. Lewis* – Instructor (canceled)
Walkers (Fall 2nd session) – (open)
Walkers (Fall 3rd session) – (open)