Southern Cross Christian Co-op Southern Cross Christian Co-op

2023-2024 Fees

# of kids Registration Fee Support Group Fee Fundraising Fulfillment* Tuition** Total for Co-op Year
1 $40 $55 $160 $190 $445
2 $40 $55 $160 $380 $635
3 $40 $55 $160 $570 $825
4 $40 $55 $160 $760 $915
5 $40 $55 $160 $950     $1105

*Registration Fee and $50.00 deposit per student due May 1st (for current members) and May 15th (for new members)
** On July 1st, tuition will increase $10 per child **

Registration Fee: $40 per family (due when registering)

Support Group Fee: $55 per parent

(due at Parent Meeting in September)

Family Fee: $160 per family 
This can be earned through using Script. The Family Fee fulfillment is due by the first co-op in March (or if you decide to withdraw from the co-op). More details will be given at the Parent Meeting.

Tuition Base Cost:  $190 per child: Nursery - 8th Grade 
(Families with 4 or more children will receive a $25 per student reduction in base tuition). The remainder of tuition will be collected at Parent Meeting in September. 

Please note: Individual instructors may assess small fees payable directly to the teacher for supplies specific to his or her class. This may be up to a max of $10 per child per class (K-8th grade have 4 classes). Max of $40.00 per child.

Each year we re-evaluate Preschool and Nursery based on need and available help.  We encourage families to find outside care for children ages 0 - 3 on Co-op days. However, if you desire to have your child in SCCC's nursery, please indicate below. Just like other grade levels, a per child deposit is required. Mom's can keep their baby with them until 6 months old, after which they will need to be in nursery/or have other daycare options. If your baby turns 6 months old before January 1st, you can secure a spot in our nursery by paying the $190.00 fee for the year ($50.00 deposit due at registration).

Tution and fees can be paid via the Paypal link when registering.