Southern Cross Christian Co-op Southern Cross Christian Co-op

2020-2021 Fee Schedule

# of kids Registration Fee Support Group Fee Fundraising Fulfillment* Tuition** Total for Co-op Year
1 $40 $45 $160 $180 $425
2 $40 $45 $160 $360 $605
3 $40 $45 $160 $540 $785
4 $40 $45 $160 $720 $965
5 $40 $45 $160 $900         $1,145

*Registration Fee and $50.00 deposit per student due May 1st (for current members) and May 15th (for new members)
** On July 1st, tuition will increase $10 per child **

Registration Fee: $40 per family (due when registering)

Support Group Fee: $45 per family

(due at Parent Meeting in September)

Family Fee: $160 per family 
This can be earned through using Script. The Family Fee fulfillment is due by the first co-op in March (or if you decide to withdraw from the co-op). More details will be given at the Parent Meeting.

Tuition Base Cost:  $180 per child: Nursery - 8th Grade 
(Families with 4 or more children will receive a $25 per student reduction in base tuition). The remainder of tuition will be collected at Parent Meeting in September. 

Please note: Individual instructors may assess small fees payable directly to the teacher for supplies specific to his or her class.

Tution and fees can be paid via the Paypal link when registering.