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Member Comments

•  "My son loves art class. He loves all the new techniques he has learned.
            Mother with Children at SCCC
•  "Mrs. Anderson is so passionate about what she is teaching. My kids love it! " 
            Mom with Several Children Enrolled
•  "Science class with Mr. Reilly is the best! He makes learning science so much fun."
            5th Grade Boy
•  "Gym class is my favorite. I love all the sports and playing them with my friends."
            3rd Grade Boy
•  "The instructors are fantastic! The families are so kindhearted and welcoming. This has been the best out of any co-op experience we have ever had."
            K.S. - Mom with children at SCCC
•  "Mr. Reilly is awesome! He teaches things in a very interesting & easy to understand way. He uses great examples and brings in fun things." 
            Fourth Grade Girl
•  "I love making new friends, field trips, learning from someone in addition to my mom."
            Anonymous Student
•  "The instructors are so caring. They have gone out of their way to make my daughter feel comfortable. " 
            Mother of a Student SCCC