Southern Cross Christian Co-op Southern Cross Christian Co-op

Education at SCCC

Our goal is to serve students in grades K thru 8th grade.  Nursery and preschool classes may be offered based on enrollment.  SCCC strives to average 8-12 students per grade, and attempts to limit combined classes to 20 students.   Core classes offered are Science, Biblical Worldview (6th-8th) and Physical Education. Art, Music and other classes offered are dependent on instructor availability and direction of members. All co-op instructors hired are qualified instructors in their field or are an experienced parent in their field and teach from a Biblical Worldview view perspective. 

Mom's can keep their baby with them until 6 months old, after which they will need to be in nursery/or haves other daycare options. If your baby turns 6 months old before January 1st, you can secure a spot in our nursery by paying the $190.00 fee for the year ($50.00 deposit due at registration).